[How to] Install 32bit apps in ROSA Desktop.Fresh 2012 64bit

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[How to] Install 32bit apps in ROSA Desktop.Fresh 2012 64bit

Post by NicCo »

When we use a 64bit distro, sometimes we need to install some apps that are not available in 64bit but only in 32:
then we have two possibilities:
1> renounce to those apps finding other similar per functions
2> add 32bit repositories to install 32bit apps and related libs

If you can't easily renounce to some of these apps, for example, if you need to install skype, wine, teamviewer
that are programs only available for 32bit, then exists a solution

You can solve using the chance 2>, and below the needed command strings to add all the 32bit repositories
I suggest to add these repositories, install apps that you need, then you can disable or remove the 32bit repos

From a konsole / terminal - login as root, then execute:

Code: Select all

urpmi.addmedia main32 http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa2012.1/repository/i586/media/main/release/
urpmi.addmedia --update main32_updates http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa2012.1/repository/i586/media/main/updates/
urpmi.addmedia contrib32 http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa2012.1/repository/i586/media/contrib/release/
urpmi.addmedia --update contrib32_updates http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa2012.1/repository/i586/media/contrib/updates/
urpmi.addmedia non-free32 http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa2012.1/repository/i586/media/non-free/release/
urpmi.addmedia --update non-free32_updates http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa2012.1/repository/i586/media/non-free/updates/
urpmi.addmedia restricted32 http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa2012.1/repository/i586/media/restricted/release/
urpmi.addmedia --update restricted32_updates http://mirror.rosalab.ru/rosa2012.1/repository/i586/media/restricted/updates/
bye, NicCo
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Re: [How to] Install 32bit apps in ROSA Desktop.Fresh 2012 6

Post by viking »

Adding 32bit repositories is actually just half or work. We need to make 32bit apps to look same as 64bit apps. It is not very nice to look at apps that looks different then rest of the apps or your system.

To accomplish this on Mandriva 2011 and ROSA 2012.0 it was enough to add those packages

Code: Select all

urpmi libcanberra-gtk0
urpmi libmurrine
urpmi libgtk-aurora-engine-1
That is not enough on ROSA 2012.1.

Because of GTK 3, some packages are split to some new packages.

When you install mentioned libraries and try to start some 32bit app you might see this warning:

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Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap"
This is caused by missing libpixmap.so, so we need to add this package too:

Code: Select all

urpmi libgtk-modules2.0
Unfortunately this will bring additional warnings and problems since 32bit version of pixbuff loaders are not installed (main problem is missing libpixbufloader-png.so).

I tried to install i586 version of gdk-pixbuf-loaders-0.22.0-19 on x64, but without any luck. This looks like impossible task at this moment. Starts to look like good candidate for bug report.

btw. I am not sure why you omitted MIB 32bit repository in your list? :)

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urpmi.addmedia --update MIB-basic_32 http://mib.pianetalinux.org/MIB/rosa2012.1/32/basic/

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