[tuto]2010.2 and skype

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[tuto]2010.2 and skype

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The needed files for 2010.2 i586 are these:

http://abf.rosalinux.ru/downloads/rosa2 ... x86_64.rpm

http://abf.rosalinux.ru/downloads/rosa2 ... 0.i586.rpm

2012 lts is not an error

install skype

if you want to use skype via kopete :

- this version is not compliant with communications feature between kopete and skype
don't use the directives from kopete : don't use the button "unactivate notifications ..."

- follow this :

launch skype and fill your id and password
don't forget (it's mandatory) to check "remember password" to have automatical connection

quit skype

in kopete create a skype count

- in "basic conf" tab choose to connect or not skype when launching kopete

- in "launch" tab in "launching" select "launch when it is not running"
be sure the command is "skype" not "Skype"

again don't use the button "unactivate notifications ...". if you do this then kopete is broken then you must delete ~/.Skype

- in "connection" tab select "system"

that's all

restart kopete

if you chose "exclude from connection" then skype is not launched then you must on demand manualy connect the skype account in kopete as you do for other accounts

if you choose not "exclude from connection" then skype is launched when kopete is launched

note : you'll will have a notification about kopete does not find skype 2.0, ignore it.

if you have sound pb you may test :
- disable laptop-mode about your sound driver
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