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Rosa 2011 EE > Downloading, installing and configuring

Post by NicCo »


There's some lack of information about the already existing International Rosa Edition
there are available two Rosa Desktop EE isos (where EE stands for Extended Edition)

This edition support all international languages, so the ISOS are bigger (about 2.5 Gb) and are updated to Xmas period
These ISOs are close to PWP for contents: some /restricted contents, for example Adobe Flash, Acrobat reader, Skype

It's like a Mandriva 2011, and naturally you can use the same mandriva repositories

This edition is my preferred recent MDV 2011 edition, the main reason is this edition is cleaner, more stable, and lighter for the resource consumptions

How to find Rosa Linux Isos

Searching in

apart Rosa Desktop 2011 (which is only in english/russian language)

from russian mirror, the path is: ... A.2011.EE/

It's possible to search and download from internal Rosa server, that is generally slower

If you prefer to use the main server, you can download at a good speed using this way,
in root mode:

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# urpmi prozilla

then, by your $user (no root mode):

Rosa 2011 EE - 32bit

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proz -k=8 -P $HOME/Scaricati
Rosa 2011 EE - 64bit

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proz -k=8 -P $HOME/Scaricati
(where "/Scaricati" is your download folder)


(that's the procedure I follow everytime I install Rosa 2011 EE)

I first configured all the repositories, using an easy MIB Guide

Mandriva 2011.0: /MDV +/Restricted +/MIB ... =21&t=2993

- I executed some fixes suggested in Mandriva Errata 2011,
mainly the three scripts / commands

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urpmi xorg-x11
urpme --auto-orphans
to avoid an update of kernel when auto updating

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echo "/^kernel/" >> /etc/urpmi/skip.list
then I launched a global update

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urpmi --auto-select --auto
for localization, I noticed a problem in kde, it was only in english,
even if i installed in italian, so I discovered it lacks of kde rpm
(I don't know if the same missing rpm happens with other langs)

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urpmi kde-l10n-it
If you language is another, for example french, you must use fr

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urpmi kde-l10n-fr
and so on... (naturally only one rpm of your language code)

To remove problems with string localization in kde and mcc, and the right path of two stack folders,
it's now sufficient to remove or rename the .kde4 folder, or removing all contents in the $user folder

After first reboot system creates a new folder .kde4 and all new default files and folders for the user,
so I have
- my language localization is now full configured everywhere (kde&mcc)
- the two stack folders are automagically fixed (the right path and icons)

I noticed that the 64bit version, when removing-unused-packages, delete also acrobat rpms,
there is no way to get them again, there were prepared for 2011PWP, so aren't in other repo

here the solution, here the path: ... 11.0-i586/

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urpmi.addmedia --update --downloader wget Acroread_9.4.2
urpmi task-acroread
echo "Now you have  Acrobat reader with its best plugins"
If you need better fonts compatibility in Internet Browsers you could add also MS Core Fonts:
all that is possible if you own a licence of a Microsoft product like Windows or Office, and so

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Other Editions:

About Rosa Gnome Edition 2011, there's an unofficial project but backed by some Rosa guys

About Rosa Extended Edition 2011, there should ship some updated versions with new kernels (3.0.x to 3.2.x),
and so on...all that should be possible for the end of January or early Feb, mainly depending by the ABF status

bye, NicCo
MIB Team
--- Professional experience ---
Kernel designer, engineer, maintainer and tester for ROSA Desktop and OpenMandriva Lx O.S.

--- currently I'm playing with ---
LTS Kernels > Linux 4.1.12-nrjQL <<< Linux 3.18.17-nrjQL <<< Linux 3.14.46-nrjQL
EOL Kernels > Linux 3.19.8-nrjQL <<< Linux 3.17.8-nrjQL <<< Linux 3.15.10-nrjQL

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Re: Rosa 2011 EE > Downloading, installing and configuring

Post by gioma »

February is expiring, any new about updated versions?
Is it possbile to install Rosa 2011 EE using usb memory?

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