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Distrowatch censorship

Posted: 27 December 2012, 12:07
by rugyada
Long story short, a comment from Dago68 has been censored (deleted) in DW Weekly

It was a clean complaint about no DW reviews for final ROSA Desktop.Fresh 2012, released right a few days ago.

There was no point in deleting that comment and instead of give reply (might be something like: "Yes we'll do it next time" or similar), or leave there the comment for others, they preferred to hide the shame.

By censoring the comment also give the feeling that it touches a painful area, with regards to DW unaccountable distro ranking.

The usual mischievous person may imagine that distros have to "fund" DW in order to have a [suitable] review.

We don't :lol:
Nevertheless we limit ourselves to report the facts and let the readers to draw a conclusion.

Well, on the contrary I'm a prejudiced person, and then I took the shot. You never know, I thought...

[imgridl=90] ... dwrant.png[/imgridl]

Re: Distrowatch censorship

Posted: 27 December 2012, 14:52
by rjadot
Well, maybe they kill any troll just after he's born :p

IMHO, the ranking of Mageia seems more the result of a script kiddie, like I guess it was the case with PCLinuxOS. (DW ranking is rated on the number of hit/day of the DW page of each distro, which is not necessarily correlated to popularity)

Re: Distrowatch censorship

Posted: 27 December 2012, 22:37
by NicCo
The problem is that often the reviews and rankings in DW are held in very high regard

Many people believed that this classification is to be considered for the choice,
so these can affect people who approach the first few times a Linux distribution

I think they should be more careful with the reviews and use less censorship...

In my opinion the censorship always does not help them to look transparent enough

Allowing users to express their ideas and thoughts, even as they may be incorrect,
instead deleting users' messages only helps to reinforce the suspicions of someone

Re: Distrowatch censorship

Posted: 28 December 2012, 11:46
by rjadot
I agree, I'm also against censorship.