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After the Phoenix, here is the Amigo from Commodore USA!

Posted: 17 May 2010, 21:28
by NicCo

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After the Phoenix, I am happy to announce the new "Amigo" from Commodore USA!

Commodore Home:
Commodore USA, LLC plans to produce and market a series of all-in-one keyboard computers, beginning with the launch of it's flagship "Phoenix" model in early third quarter 2010, followed by a revolutionary series of extremely low cost-low power keyboard computers, netbooks, and tablets, all featuring a revolutionary "computer-on-a-chip" design, consuming less than five watts of power.
"Phoenix" ... puter.html

Computer on a Chip
The CPU, Memory, Graphics & Audio.....all on a single micro PCB, and it's only 2" x 2.5" !


There’s nothing like it. At just 13.5 inches wide and 1 inch tall, it’s designed to take up far less room — and use far less energy — than any other desktop computer.

Plug. And play.
Includes four USB 2.0 ports (2 internal, 2 external), VGA and Composite video out, Internal 2.5" HDD, SIM card, 2 SD

Small. Simple. Beautiful.
It has a sleek, ebony finish case and a clean, contemporary surface. It's small, elegant, and unassuming. In fact, it's simply beautiful.

Carrier Board
The Carrier Board accepts a standard 2.5" HDD, the Computer on a Chip PCB, a standard SIM card, 2 internal USB ports, and contains all the external connections for video, audio, USB, serial, 5 volt DC power plug and 2 SD card slots.

There are many different O.S for it:
Ubuntu, other Linux, Winsows7, Mac OS-X, Aros, Google Chrome OS and also CoMoDo

Comodo (???)
Coming soon from Commodore USA. A new, simplified operating system for young children and older folks. An excellent system to get those real young "early adaptors" and "old timers" online and up to speed. All icon based, Comodo offers a safe, yet highly productive experience for young and old alike. Surf the web, send and receive email and share photos and documents. Simple & Safe.... that's Comodo!