The MIB Team is proud to introduce you the new MIB website dedicated to its Community.

We planned a portal to our users advantage, aiming to be an ideal meeting point for the International Mandriva Community.

Users already registered at the Forum are invited to register using the same username in order to submit your comments.

Any translations available can be accessed by clicking on the flag within the article.

Alternatively you can use the handy Google translator, a module that translates on the fly the whole page.

In one module you can find the Last Forum news and the Forum Active topics.
We invite the users to write some interesting news in the right section of the Forum, in order to visualized them in homepage. We should like users can have an active role in the MIB Community.

Another section shows the MIB News arguments: important news and communications about MIB and Mandriva and about the Mandriva Assembly and the MUGs' works, group of which the MIB is making part.

Naturally we leave the Old MIB Blog link on the Main Menu box for the consultation of old articles.

Last, but not least, you will as usual find in homepage our beautiful stories describing the last updated and optimized programs built by our fantastic packagers.

The site has been finished after an hard work and it takes several months. We're strongly convinced that it has been a right step towards those who follow us since the beginning (August 2007) and for those who with affection learned to appreciate our continuous engagement in favor of the Community.


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