kernel energj

en18 Kernel with new "nrj" and "nrj-pae" desktop versions

it Kernel con le nuove versioni desktop "nrj" e "nrj-pae"



Available now in four main different flavours:

1>Kernel-desktop for desktop standard
2>Kernel-server only for server applications like LAMP

MIB, as in his style, is trying to promptly satisfy many users who asked some different kernel flavour  for multimedia applications, so here we have:

3>Kernel-nrj-desktop (as for Energj): for low latency and multimedia desktop (better for DAW apps like Ardour, Jack, Rosegarden, ...)

4>Kernel-nrj-pae-desktop (as for Energj plus PAE): for 32bit low latency and multimedia desktop, supporting ram up to 64Gb


Adesso disponibile in quattro principali differenti versioni:

1>Kernel-desktop per PC desktop standard
2>Kernel-server solo per applicazioni server come LAMP

MIB, come nel suo stile, cerca di soddisfare prontamente le richieste degli utenti di differenti versioni di kernel per applicazioni multimedia, così ora avremo:

3>Kernel-nrj-desktop (as for Energj): per desktop multimediale e bassa latenza (migliore risposta con applicazioni DAW come Ardour, Jack, Rosegarden, ...)

4>Kernel-nrj-pae-desktop (as for Energj plus PAE): per 32bit a bassa latenza e desktop multimediale, con supporto ram fino a 64Gb


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