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Ricordo che questo kernel è usabile con attenzione ma che manca di tutte le patch e moduli 3rdparty tipiche dei kernel Mandriva non essendo quello ufficiale di Mandriva.

commit be5583f5440217b114eb0a0c172d85d92d86dfbb

    bsdacct: fix access to invalid filp in acct_on()
    commit df279ca8966c3de83105428e3391ab17690802a9 upstream.
    The file opened in acct_on and freshly stored in the ns->bacct struct can
    be closed in acct_file_reopen by a concurrent call after we release
    acct_lock and before we call mntput(file->f_path.mnt).
    Record file->f_path.mnt in a local variable and use this variable only.

commit 57b70321247d5decb480a8344c29ab5813901790

    dm: sysfs skip output when device is being destroyed
    commit 4d89b7b4e4726893453d0fb4ddbb5b3e16353994 upstream.
    Do not process sysfs attributes when device is being destroyed.
    Otherwise code can cause
      BUG_ON(test_bit(DMF_FREEING, &md->flags));
    in dm_put() call.

commit 85e05eaba5840385843fe61d8db191be84fe3ac6

    dm mpath: validate hw_handler argument count
    commit e094f4f15f5169526c7200b9bde44b900548a81e upstream.
    Fix arg count parsing error in hw handlers.

commit 4869fdea77052c480c54b9e66a927ba036eab29e

    dm mpath: validate table argument count
    commit 0e0497c0c017664994819f4602dc07fd95896c52 upstream.
    The parser reads the argument count as a number but doesn't check that
    sufficient arguments are supplied. This command triggers the bug:
    dmsetup create mpath --table "0 `blockdev --getsize /dev/mapper/cr0`
        multipath 0 0 2 1 round-robin 1000 0 1 1 /dev/mapper/cr0
        round-robin 0 1 1 /dev/mapper/cr1 1000"
    kernel BUG at drivers/md/dm-mpath.c:530!

commit f42f498bee4760d4db6f55cfab98f42ae7660e1c

    mm: fix handling of pagesets for downed cpus
    commit 364df0ebfbbb1330bfc6ca159f4d6020efc15a12 upstream.
    After downing/upping a cpu, an attempt to set
    /proc/sys/vm/percpu_pagelist_fraction results in an oops in
    If a processor is downed then we need to set the pageset pointer back to
    the boot pageset.
    Updates of the high water marks should not access pagesets of unpopulated
    zones (those pointer go to the boot pagesets which would be no longer
    functional if their size would be increased beyond zero).

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