Kernel vanilla 2.6.31-RC1.

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Ricordo che questo kernel è usabile con attenzione ma che manca di tutte le patch e moduli 3rdparty tipiche dei kernel Mandriva non essendo quello ufficiale di Mandriva.

Questo il primo rilascio che ci porterà alla prossima versione di kernel...

Revert "PCI: use ACPI _CRS data by default"
    This reverts commit 9e9f46c44e487af0a82eb61b624553e2f7118f5b.
    Quoting from the commit message:
     "At this point, it seems to solve more problems than it causes, so let's
      try using it by default.  It's an easy revert if it ends up causing
    And guess what? The _CRS code causes trouble.
commit f27884aeadff9654f4a1e8a05dd92f4b140afe29

    Merge git://
    * git://
      da9030_battery: Fix race between event handler and monitor
      Add MAX17040 Fuel Gauge driver
      w1: ds2760_battery: add support for sleep mode feature
      w1: ds2760: add support for EEPROM read and write
      ds2760_battery: cleanups in ds2760_battery_probe()

commit c6223048259006759237d826219f0fa4f312fb47
Merge: bd453cd d5bb68a 3a6a6c1

    Merge branches 'for-linus' of git://{vfs-2.6,audit-current}
    * 'for-linus' of git://
      another race fix in jfs_check_acl()
      Get "no acls for this inode" right, fix shmem breakage
      inline functions left without protection of ifdef (acl)
    * 'for-linus' of git://
      audit: inode watches depend on CONFIG_AUDIT not CONFIG_AUDIT_SYSCALL

commit d5bb68adda7cc179e8efadeaa3a283cb470f13a6

    another race fix in jfs_check_acl()
    Signed-off-by: Al Viro < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

commit 72c04902d1e27c8a324014cff1d4475c11b1cecd

    Get "no acls for this inode" right, fix shmem breakage

commit 3a6a6c16be78472a52f6dd7d88913373b42ad0f7

    audit: inode watches depend on CONFIG_AUDIT not CONFIG_AUDIT_SYSCALL
    Even though one cannot make use of the audit watch code without
    CONFIG_AUDIT_SYSCALL the spaghetti nature of the audit code means that
    the audit rule filtering requires that it at least be compiled.
    Thus build the audit_watch code when we build auditfilter like it was
    before cfcad62c74abfef83762dc05a556d21bdf3980a2
    Clearly this is a point of potential future cleanup..

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