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Bonding: fix zero address hole bug in arp_ip_target list

upstream commit: 5a31bec014449dc9ca994e4c1dbf2802b7ca458a

Fix a zero address hole bug in the bonding arp_ip_target list
that was causing the bond to ignore ARP replies (bugz 13006).
Instead of just setting the array entry to zero, we now
copy any additional entries down one slot, putting the
zero entry at the end. With this change we can now have
all the loops that walk the array stop when they hit a zero
since there will be no addresses after it.

Changes are based in part on code fragment provided in kernel:
bugzilla 13006:

commit 9fc79ab9a371b45166d80ef18411ea47cf8e3195

skge: fix occasional BUG during MTU change

upstream commit: d119b3927994e3d620d6adb0dd1ea6bf24427875

The BUG_ON(skge->tx_ring.to_use != skge->tx_ring.to_clean) in skge_up()
was sometimes observed when setting MTU.

skge_down() disables the TX queue, but then reenables it by mistake via
Fix it by moving the waking of the queue from skge_tx_clean() to the
other caller. And to make sure start_xmit is not in progress on another
CPU, skge_down() should call netif_tx_disable().

The bug was reported to me by Jiri Jilek whose Debian system sometimes
failed to boot. He tested the patch and the bug did not happen anymore.

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