KTorrent 4.0.4


KTorrent 4.0.4 for Mandriva 2010.1

Ktorrent is a BitTorrent client for KDE.











Changelog (starting from version 4.0.1):

Changes in 4.0.4:

- Make sure that syndication filter save location overrides group save location (250116)

- Don't hardcode background of bandwidth schedule to white so that system colors are used (251925)

- Improve performance of ViewModel when there are many torrents (216501)

- Backport several improvements for IP filter auto update from trunk

- Fix bug causing two instances of ktorrent to be started when missing files dialog is shown at startup (252099)

- Fix bug causing KT to use invalid dbus paths in group paths

- Fix crash at exit due to a Core::update getting called during exit (254214)


Changes in 4.0.3:

- Fix bug causing wrong encoding to be used when the default save location of a group is read (244873)

- Fix crash in QueueManagerWidget when moving torrents in the queue

- When renaming files in a torrent prevent duplicate names (244624)

- Fix crash on exit when cleaning up UPnP requests

- Fix crash due to uncaught exception when a tor directory cannot be removed (247979)


Changes in 4.0.2:

- Fix wrong X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name in ktzeroconfplugin.desktop

- Fix crash caused by 0 pointer in webinterface plugin (242273)

- Increase auto update retry interval of ipfilter plugin to 15 minutes

- Fix bug causing groups file to grow very large over time (243182) 


Porting: GVMariani

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