Transmission 2.10

transmission_logoTransmission  2.10 per Mandriva 2009.1, 2010.0 e 2010.1.


Client Bitorrent






Transmission 2.10 (2010/10/8)

All tickets closed by this release

All Platforms

  • Support for automatically stopping idle seeding torrents
  • Small memory cache to reduce disk IO
  • gzip compression support added to the RPC server
  • Add support for a cookies.txt file
  • Minor CPU optimizations


  • Display file sizes and speeds in base 10 on Snow Leopard


  • Files and folders can be opened by clicking on them in the files list
  • Update the interface when session changes are made via RPC
  • Fix the Details dialog to fit on a netbook screen


  • Tracker announce list editing
  • New filterbar
  • Improved display for showing a torrent's tracker announces
  • Better DBUS integration
  • Support adding torrents via drag-and-drop
  • Add Desktop Notification for added/complete torrents
  • Other minor improvements

Web Client

  • Peer list added to the inspector
  • Compact view mode
  • Support filtering by active and finished
  • Support sorting by size


  • Allow the .pidfile location to be set in settings.json


  • New command-line utility "transmission-edit" for editing torrent files
  • New command-line utility "transmission-show" for viewing torrent files
  • New command-line utility "transmission-create" for creating torrent files







  • Progs
    • transmission-common-2.10-69.1mib2010.1.x86_64.rpm
    • transmission-cli-2.10-69.1mib2010.1.x86_64.rpm
    • transmission-gtk-2.10-69.1mib2010.1.x86_64.rpm
    • transmission-qt4-2.10-69.1mib2010.1.x86_64.rpm
    • transmission-daemon-2.10-69.1mib2010.1.x86_64.rpm
    • transmission-2.10-69.1mib2009.1.i686.rpm


Transmission 2.10 - Porting Status
Mandriva Architettura
x86_64 i686 noarch
2009.1 Si Si No
2010.0 No No No
2010.1 Si Si No

Porting di grissino.

Build: grissino ed othoth-tux.

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