Fotoxx 10.9.1 e Printoxx 2.8.1

cameraFotoxx 10.9.1 e Printoxx 2.8.1 per Mandriva 2009.1, 2010.0 e 2010.1



Fotoxx è un programma free open-source per migliorare le immagini create con fotocamere digitali, mentre printoxx permette di stamparle.







In questa versione:

fotoxx  v.10.9.1 (Sep 09, 2010)

  • The Chinese translation was updated.
  • Bugfix: save-as: file names like aaaaa.bbb.jpg got truncated to aaaaa.jpg.
  • Usability improvement: A set of image files generated by searching tags is no longer discarded when a member file is opened, edited and saved, renamed, or trashed.

fotoxx  v.10.9 (Aug 31, 2010)

This release brings three new functions, nine refinements of old functions, and four bug fixes.
  • The Portuguese translation was updated.
  • New function: Stack: combine multiple noisy images to make a now-noise image. Use mean or median pixel values and optionally discard the most extreme (noisiest) pixels from the mix.
  • New function: Negative: make a black and white or color negative, or make a positive image from a negative.
  • New function: delete or replace a user tag for selected images or all images.
  • The brightness/contrast curve edit was revised to better preserve detail in areas that become saturated from a brightness increase.
  • The Retouch curve edit functions were made generally 30% faster.
  • The interplay between the main window and gallery window was revised. The gallery window overlays the main window, with the current image in the top row. When an image is clicked in the gallery, the main window overlays the gallery window, showing the selected image. Both windows are still present and can be dragged apart if wanted. The perception is that they alternately occupy the same window.
  • The functions Burn CD/DVD, Mass Add/Delete Tags, and Mass Resize can now be used together with Search Tags: use Search Tags to establish a set of images in a gallery window, from which the files to mass-process can be selected.
  • The Select Area dialog had three buttons added: [enable] [disable] [invert]. This makes editing areas a bit faster than using separate menus.
  • A small improvement was made in the Select Area follow-edge algorithm.
  • Default extensions for "Save As" were changed from .jpeg and .tiff to .jpg and .tif because some programs don't recognize the longer forms.
  • Save As: set the current file to the newly saved file instead of remaining at the prior file. Fotoxx now works more like other programs. Use the Recent File menu to go back if wanted. Any edits are still active and can be undone or further edited and saved again.
  • HDR/HDF: automatically trim the edges where all input images do not overlap.
  • Curve editing was generally revised not to truncate curves beyond the first and last anchor points. Curves are projected to the graph limits.
  • Internal cleanup: the saving and restoring of parameters across sessions is table-driven. Mass-resize width/height was added to the list of saved parameters.
  • Bugfix: Sharpen, gradient method: threshold did not work correctly.
  • Bugfix: rounding error in HDF was causing 1-pixel alignment errors.
  • Bugfix: gtk function call within a thread was causing a (rare) crash.
  • Bugfix: huge tag in iptc:keywords caused a loop in tag editing.

printoxx 2.8.1 (Aug 26, 2010)

The pack function was improved for slightly better packing decisions.
printoxx 2.8 (Aug 23, 2010)
  • The [pack] toolbar button was made more general: a rough image alignment (with small gaps or overlaps) is made more perfect: the images are resized and moved to align into straight rows or columns. Images with no apparent alignment to each-other are also shifted to eliminate small gaps or overlaps.
  • The default file extension for [save] was changed from .jpeg to .jpg because some programs don't understand .jpeg.



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2010.1 Si Si No

Porting di grissino.

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