Wine 1.3.1

wineWine 1.3.1 per Mandriva 2009.1, 2010.0 e 2010.1.


Nuova release per il “non-emulatore” di windows.






The Wine development release 1.3.1 is now available.

What's new in this release (see below for details):
- Support for drag & drop between X11 and OLE.
- New ipconfig.exe builtin tool.
- Support for favorites in builtin Internet Explorer.
- Beginnings of a shell Explorer control.
- A number of DirectDraw code cleanups.
- Improvements to the calendar control.
- Various bug fixes.


Bugs fixed in 1.3.1:

3975 FILE: printing does not work as expected
5779 Corrupted Graphics in Tropico / Tropico Paradise Island
6580 Mia's Math crashes on startup if you have saved a game
6869 Need for Speed Carbon wont install due to detecting Wine as having DirectX 0
7575 Corel Lightning demo installer hangs
9724 Intellicad - Unhandled exception when saving
10815 Drag from native apps, drop to Wine doesn't work
11067 Kid Pix Deluxe 4 Home Edition installer hangs near end
11539 Anycount 6.0 refuses to start (VMWare backdoor check, magic 0x564D5868 on port 0x5658)
12269 DirectX 6 SDK d3dim sample programs fail
12710 Call of Duty 2 1.02: Game hangs up after several seconds
12720 Text missing in Miranda's "View/Change My Details" dialog
12874 The Master Genealogist 4.0d - Unhandled page fault on write access
12977 Kid Pix Deluxe 4 Home Edition crashes if you click on Backgrounds
13265 winepath exit always with zero code
13690 failed to crosscompile dbghelp.dll (dogfood)
14101 DirectX update takes very long time to complete
15011 ooVoo: Interface isn't drawn correctly, is unusable.
15370 DX-applications (mostly games) do not render shadows correctly
15482 iTunes fails while sign in to iTunes Store
15957 GRLevelX Images Hidden
16211 DC++ .707 fails to run, throws an unhandled exception
16378 Mia's Math sound regressions
16413 Ignored return values
16450 EssentialPIM: Doesn't restore from tray
17084 .NET 1.0: imagehlp.ImageGetDigestStream needs more flesh (assembly registration fails)
17435 AntiDupl: crashes when duplicated images founded
17699 World In Conflict 1.010: New launcher crashes preventing application usage
17704 Seamonkey 2.0b1pre not drawing images
18149 msvcrt.dll.??2@YAPEAX_K@Z is not implemented
18165 dlls/winhttp/net.c: assignment discards qualifies from pointer target type
18170 regedit should accept CR-separated lines
18365 Shareaza uses 100% CPU when not minimized
18401 Cars won't be renderer with PC3 shaders
18955 SupremeCommander: GPGNet fails to install
19093 Canon DPP: Editor window quits unexpectedly when zooming to 100%
19245 GPUZ crashes on unimplemented hal and ntoskrnl APIs
19276 Internet Explorer 1.0 fails to install
19414 Excel 2003 & 2007 crash trying to run macros
19529 .NET 2.0: LDAP authorization fails
19849 Links 2003 does not run
19867 Active Identity installation crashes due to unimplemented function winscard.dll.SCardListCardsA
20001 Unimplemented function ntdll.dll.NtQuerySystemEnvironmentValue
20429 X3 Terran Conflict (v 2.5) - intermittent cursor problems
20443 EslWire: crash at start (dwmapi.DwmDefWindowProc is not implemented)
20828 InstallUtil.exe fails on "Appraise It" setup
20864 Tropico 3 1.09 crashes in-game after several seconds
21027 Lego Digital Designer hangs on startup
21568 advapi32/crypt tests crash with +heap
22121 EVEMon (v1.3.1.2138): crashes on adding an account
22131 CDBurnerXP 4.3.x: arrow buttons do not appear correctly
22277 Pool Sharks requires implemented GdipSetImageAttributesWrapMode
22504 Bioshock: fog renders red
22540 CMake hangs when trying to detect and test MinGW compiler (gcc.exe & g++.exe)
22574 Blockland v14 freezes on startup
22605 Open R-Community Tools crashes (SafeNativeMethods.SelectObject Exception)
22881 Custom-decorated windows not movable with Openbox (affects steam, wow...)
22958 Missing disc icon on CDBurnerXP's progress dialog
23014 InstallShield .prq doesn't find Windows Installer 4.5
23385 NVIDIA Demo: Cascades needs unimplemented function d3d10.dll.D3D10ReflectShader
23477 WoW Cataclysm Beta needs KERNEL32.SetFileValidData
23701 Crucial Memory Application - CrucialScan.exe
23705 Runes of Magic says it can't log in if ConnectEx not available
23707 stack overflow when destroying a window whose owner is itself
23753 3D Sexvilla 2 : Installs but doesn't launch.
23754 Kintecus: missing ipconfig.exe
23801 Need for Speed: Shift Demo has partly transparant pit crew
23818 Adobe FrameMaker 8: crashes on exit
23834 Black Buccaneer: game freezes at start
23848 Unable to build a shared WoW 64 build
23849 Hofmann photo album app has access violation dialog during startup
23879 Mopsos does not start
23885 Build fails in dlls/d3dx9_36/tests
23904 Starcraft II game screens are rendered upside-down
23908 regedit fails to process some registry files
23935 Can't install video conferencing program from NanoCorp
23940 SetWindowPos does not work for other process windows
23953 qemu.exe exhausts file descriptors
24046 Keypressing in listview can result in infinite hang
24047 Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition crashes
24054 Unreal Tournament fails to start





Wine 1.3.1 - Porting Status
Mandriva Architettura
x86_64 i686 noarch
2009.1 No Si No
2010.0 No Si No
2010.1 Si Si No

Porting di grissino

Build: grissino ed othoth-tux.