KMidimon 0.7.3

note120KMidimon 0.7.3 for Mandriva Linux 2010.0 & 2009.1

KMidimon is a MIDI monitor for Linux using ALSA sequencer and KDE user interface.





KMidimon monitors events coming from MIDI external ports or applications via the ALSA sequencer, and from SMF (Standard MIDI files).

It is especially useful if you want to debug MIDI software or your MIDI setup. It features a nice graphical user interface, customizable event filters and sequencer parameters, support for all MIDI messages and some ALSA messages, and saving the recorded event list to a text file or SMF.

GMidiMon is a similar program with GTK user interface for OSS MIDI devices.




* Easy to use KDE graphic user interface
* Based on ALSA sequencer. Provides one input port to be connected to other programs and devices using the usual external tools (aconnect, kaconnect, QJackCtl...)
* Customizable event filters and sequencer parameters
* Supports all MIDI messages, including System Exclusive, and some ALSA messages
* MIDI Playback of the recorded session or loaded MIDI file
* Saves to a text file or standard MIDI file the recorded event list
* GPLv2 licensed




There is an excellent tutorial in French here: Linux MAO. KMidimon: moniteur de messages MIDI
And this is the automatic translation by Google: Linux MAO. KMidimon (English version)

You can control the ALSA sequencer connections to programs and devices from inside KMidimon. To do so, use the options under the menu "Connections" in the main menu. There are options to connect and disconnect every available port to KMidimon, and also a dialog box where you can choose the ports to be monitored one by one.

You can also use a MIDI connection tool like QJackCtl to connect the application or MIDI port to monitor with KMidimon:


To start and stop monitoring, use the buttons "record" and "stop" in the toolbar, or the corresponding menu items under the "Control" menu. After enabling the monitorisation, KMidimon will show incoming MIDI events if your setup is correct.


In order to successfully use KMidimon, you need KDE 4.X. and ALSA 1.0 drivers and library.


* Release 0.7.3
* using Drumstick-0.3
* play WRK files (cakewalk)
* open files from the command line
* drag and drop files into the main window
* fixed Loop and stop time (last event time was not initialised)
* show the file name in the window title bar


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