KMid2 2.2.2

kmid2-1-tmbKMid2 2.2.2 for Mandriva Linux 2010.0 & 2009.1

KMid2 is a MIDI and Karaoke player for the KDE4 desktop environment.

KMid was developed more than ten years ago, so it was time for a revamping. KMid2 is a rewrite from scratch, with a new architecture and also some new features.


The latest stable release, published on March 14th, 2010.


Here are some major features implemented in KMid2:

* MIDI and Karaoke files are supported.
* Playback to external hardware MIDI devices.
* Allow to use software synths as well, like Timidity++ and QSynth/FluidSynth.
* Tempo and volume controls.
* Added a pitch (transpose) control.
* Rhythm view (visual metronome).
* Configurable character encoding, font and color for lyrics.
* Playlists (song collections).
* MIDI Mapper, translating General Midi events into other events understood by some synthesizers.
* Channel window, with solo/muting controls and instrument selectors.
* Piano player window, using VMPK artwork and technology.
* Runs in Linux, using the ALSA Sequencer.





2010-03-14 Release 2.2.2

* Fixed program termination, stopping active notes.
* Fixed a crash when shuffling an empty playlist.
* Fixed creation of examples and system songs bookmarks at runtime, for file open dialog places. Bookmarks are created only when files are found.
* Fixed saving the initial MIDI connection dialog selection.
* Replaced the initial MIDI connection dialog by a new one enabling online help access, and better design.
* The last directory used in several open/save dialogs is now saved between sessions.
* Drumstick libraries v0.3 are needed.

2010-02-08 Release 0.2.1

* Automatic detection of text encodings for lyrics
* Get channel labels from SMF metadata (track names)
* Pianola window: added labels showing the channel names
* Check the runtime ALSA driver version for advanced MIDI ports
* Patch from Kevin Kofler adding a "pulseaudio" option for TiMidity++
* Fixed a memory leak
* Fixed command line play lists handling
* Fixed settings dialog: soft-synth audio output combos and apply button


See KMid2 in action in this Screencast


Notes for usage

* If you use Timidity++ as a software synthesizer, you may have to install GUS patches or sound fonts. You can find them at freepats
* Fluidsynth is an alternative. It has a helpful gui called QSynth. For soundfonts, try General User GS.
* For more information and options, there is a tutorial available.

Porting: GVMariani
Build: GVMariani