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transmission_logoTransmission  1.90 per Mandriva 2009.1 e 2010.0.

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Aggiornamento per fix problemi, ed altro: All Platforms


Transmission 1.90 (2010/02/16)

 All tickets closed by this release

All Platforms

  • Add an option to disable the .part suffix for incomplete files
  • Add priority selector to GUI clients' add torrent windows
  • Fix 1.81 bug that broke HTTP requests to sites that gave HTTP 301 redirects
  • Fix 1.8x bug in announcing "finished downloading" and "stopping" at the same time
  • Fix 1.8x bug in announcing partial seeds
  • Try harder to make announces finish, even if the tracker responds slowly
  • Fix bug that didn't honor download speed limits of 0
  • Use fallocate64() for fast file preallocation on systems that support it
  • Magnet link improvements
  • Don't let "Disk is full" errors cause loss of configuration files
  • Faster parsing of bencoded data, such as torrent files


  • Display information for all selected transfers in the inspector's tracker and peer tabs
  • Add a filter to the message log
  • Fix potential crash when updating the blocklist
  • Fix bug that caused the speed limit scheduler to not be applied after sleep
  • Remove excessive file selection for the per-torrent action menu
  • Smaller interface tweaks


  • Give more helpful error messages if "Set Location" or "Add Magnet Link" fail
  • Add optional support for libappindicator
  • Minor build fixes


  • Add transmission-remote support for port testing and blocklist updating
  • Add transmission-daemon support for incomplete-dir, dht, and seedratio
  • If settings.json is corrupt, give an error telling where the problem is
  • Add option to specify where log messages should be written

Web Client

  • Add a tracker tab to the inspector
  • Fix 1.8x display error when showing magnet link information


  • Fix bug that prevented torrents from being added via web browsers







  • Progs
    • transmission-1.90-69.1mib2009.1.i686.rpm

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