Xt7-Player 0.9.162

logoxt7Xt7-Player 0.9.162 for Mandriva 2010.0 & 2009.1

Yet another gui for mplayer.
It aims to be a complete interface to its tons of options, while trying to keep usability in mind.



-Gambas >= 2.15 libraries

---(Best with mplayer-svn >=1.0_rc2_p27120-r1)
---[compiled with enca support for subtitle charset autoguess]

-audiotag (mandatory only if you want to read flac tags and tag audio files)

-xbindkeys (mandatory only if you want to use global hotkeys)





More screenshots and features:


Just relevant changes, full changelog in package.

* Thu Feb 18 2010 Antonio Orefice 0.9.162
- FIX: lavdopts options parsing
- NEW: thread number options
- FIX: some language dependant code removed (thanks Jacky Bamière)
- FIX: If vdpau video driver is selected (which doesn't means used), video filter
chain is cleared (mplayer+vdpau+video filters doesn't play at all)
- FIX: workarounded an mplayer 'bug' with some hotkeys when ladspa filters are used
(see bug: http://bugzilla.mplayerhq.hu/show_bug.cgi?id=1334)
- FIX: Update a podcast rss fixed
- NEW: Shoutcast radio support
- NEW: Display total selection length in playlist and library
- FIX: Dvd navigation via mouse
- FIX: *faster* startup time
- FIX: Interface colors with dark themes
- FIX: Bug in profile manager routines, save settings to new profiles was impossible.
- FIX: Subtitles and osd window rearranged to fit 1024x600 netbook resolutions
- NEW: simplified Chinese translation added (thanks shimingzhou)
- NEW: Preliminary support to dvd menus (not 100% stable, but usable)
- NEW: added dvd navigation hotkey configuration
- FIX: workarounded form geometry save/load to work the same way with kwin3+kwin4+compiz
(expect a glitch with compiz if you use close animation)
- FIX: Less glitches when switching Fullscreen
- NEW: Gradfun video filter (very recent mplayer version needed!)

Build: Dago68

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