Fluidsynth 1.1.1

fluidsynth_bannerFluidsynth 1.1.1 per Mandriva Linux 2009.1 & 2010.0 32&64bit

FluidSynth is a real-time software synthesizer based on the SoundFont 2 specifications.




The Applications page has a growing list of other software which uses FluidSynth.

MadeWithFluidSynth is a page for users to post links to their Music and Audio creations made with FluidSynth.

There is currently a discussion about the future of FluidSynth. The following Wiki page can be used to gather ideas of what a FluidSynth 2.0 should look like.

Future of FluidSynth





FluidSynth 1.1.1 "Clarity"
Changes from previous version 1.1.1

Bug fixes

    * Recommit fix for voice stealing algorithm (David Henningsson)
    * Update deltatime on midi file load, ticket #59 (David Henningsson and Josh Green, reported by Hans Petter Selasky)
    * Build fix on OS X 10.4 (David Fang and Ebrahim Mayat)
    * Fixed most asynchronous assignment/query regressions affecting QSynth (chorus, reverb, polyphony, MIDI CCs and presets) (Josh Green, reports and testing by Rui Nuno Capela)
    * Reverted queuing of chorus and reverb assignments which fixes real-time performance issues when changing values (Josh Green)
    * Fixed issue with audio thread changes affecting CoreAudio on OS X (Josh Green, reported by Ebrahim Mayat)
    * Improved SMP safety with CC MIDI controls, polyphony, modulators and synth gain (Josh Green)
    * Fixed crash bugs in fluid_timer functions (Josh Green)
    * Reverted char * -> const char * changes to function prototypes (Josh Green, reported by Rui Nuno Capela)
    * Fixed TCP server build issue where WITHOUT_SERVER was still being set on win32 (Josh Green)
    * Fixed crash when Jack driver was re-created (Josh Green)
    * Fixed unknown macro warning in FluidSynth man page (David Henningsson)


    * Return queue process is now a thread instead of a timer and more responsive (Josh Green)
    * Added missing dist files in doc/ (Josh Green)
    * Updated README-OSX (Ebrahim Mayat)

Porting: GVMariani
Build: GVMariani

Changes from previous version 1.1.1

Bug fixes