Kmldonkey 2.0.5

265px-KmldonkeyKmldonkey 2.0.5 for Mandriva Linux 2010.0

frontend for the MLDonkey P2P core


KMLDonkey is an advanced GUI frontend for the MLDonkey P2P core.

Here are some key features of KMLDonkey:

· A flexible, powerful and KDE Style Guide compliant graphical interface.
· A complete implementation of the MLDonkey GUI protocol, meaning KMLDonkey can do everything the original GUI does, and more.
· Advanced configurable search forms.
· A convenient and configurable on-demand MLDonkey launcher.
· Real-time graphical bandwidth and network statistics.
· MobileMule middleware for controlling your MLDonkey using your Java enabled mobile phone.
· Embedded previewing of all downloads using KParts viewers.
· Embedded web browser providing P2P related web services such as availability and fake checks.
· KDE panel applet and system tray icon for statistics and easy access to the GUI.
· KIOSlave for opening current and complete downloads in all KDE applications (eg. "mldonkey:/Default/downloading/")
· Setup wizard for easy installation of the MLDonkey core.



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Luis Daniel Lucio Quiroz
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