Yasp Yet Another Systemmonitor Plasmoid 1.3

yasp-3Yasp Yet Another Systemmonitor Plasmoid 1.3
per Mandriva Linux 2009.1


License: GPL




1.3 fixes, show current down and upload , yasp is now plugin based, Everyone can write plugins(see example_plugin dir), WARNING: Uninstall older versions of yasp befor install this version
1.2 fixes(ip, quality, other) new applet "Disk Space"
1.1 better interval control, better config gui, memleak fixed, various optimizations, temperature applet is back
1.0 complete rewrite, temp and custom removed( custom comes back ), replaced wireless with a network applet, better main applet, better engine
0.7.1 portage fix, ebuild update
0.7 better rotation animation, main applet is now a plasma popup applet, some bugfixes in custom applet.
0.6.2 fixed a crash
0.6 removed kde-4.1 hacks, added custom applet
0.5 fixes / hide items
0.4 new applets temp(kde4.2)/wireless/logview
0.3 new applet: main(beta)
0.2.4 some fixes / Transparency
0.2.3 some fixes
0.2.2 portage/top bugfix, better default
0.2.1 now it works with kde-4.1
0.2 added nvidia+ram/swap applet

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Porting: kubdat
Build: crislosi (32bit) NicCo (64bit)


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