Geany Plugins 0.17.1

geany Geany Plugins 0.17.1 per Mandriva Linux 2009.1
Geany plugins is a set of plugins about the programming IDE named Geany.

These plugins are developed by the Geny' community. Actually, Geany released this set of plugins in a source tar for Geany 0.17 version, and compatible wit 0.18; the new version of Geany.

Now, thanks to MIB you can enjoy these plugins installin' them from MIB repository.

Official Web Page:


Plugins included are:

*Addons (various small addons)

*Geanygdb (provides integration with gdb)

*Geanylatex (improved support for LaTeX documents)

*Geanylipsum (for inserting blocks of Lorem Ipsum text)

*Geanylua (provides support for scripting with Lua)

*Geanysendmail (allows sending of documents from within Geany)

*Geanyvc (support for various version control systems)

*Shiftcolumn (for moving blocks of text horizontally)

*Spellcheck (for spell checking documents)

Ported by: Crislosi
Packaged by: Crislosi