K9Copy 2.3.2

imgK9Copy 2.3.2 per Mandriva 2009.1


K9copy per Kde4, ottimo tool integrabile in Kde che consente il backup di DVD video grazie ad una GUI davvero semplice.




Requested rpm: from picard12 user, here the Forum link.


Official website: http://k9copy.sourceforge.net/index.php


K9Copy is a small utility which allows copying DVD's on Linux.

The DVD video stream is compressed by the program Vamps.

Copy without menus :
Here, dvdauthor creates a new structure for the DVD. It is possible to arbitrarily set the order of the videos.

Copy with menus :
Because dvdauthor can't copy the original menus, K9Copy recreates the original DVD structure. The menus as well as IFO files are modified to point to the compressed MPEG2 stream.


Pay attention!!!:

Conformément aux dispositions de la loi DADVSI, k9copy ne contient pas de code permettant de contourner la protection des DVD vidéos, ce qui rend impossible la copie des DVD commerciaux.

Ai sensi della legge francese DADVSI, k9copy non contiene codice per aggirare protezioni dei film in DVD, il che rende impossibile copiare DVD commerciali.

Pursuant to French law DADVSI, k9copy does not contain code to circumvent the protection of DVD movies, making it impossible to copy commercial DVDs. 


Latest version features: 

- The video stream is compressed to make the video fiton a 4.7GB recordable DVD 
- DVD Burning
- Creation of ISO images
- Choosing which audio and subtitle tracks are copied.
- Title preview (video only)
- The ability to preserve the original menus.






wizard : fixed bug in "copy without menu"
MPEG4 encoding / dvd reauthoring: don't copy empty chapters
Fixed bad column resize
updated translations : cs.po pt_br.po ru.po nl.po
fixed slow video decoding in dvd authoring
bug fix: wrong aspect ratio in mpeg4 encoding (need to reset codecs)
Fixed possible crash in mp4 encoding or audio extraction
Fixed wrong title length when removing chapters on dvd backup
Fixed no output in mpeg2 extraction (one file / title option selected)
New column in the dvd treeview (main window): length (duration). ability to hide columns.

Packages list:

arch. i686 (32bit dafault)

arch. x86_64 (64bit default)

Porting: from Dago68 
Packaging/Build: Dago68