Frescobaldi 2.0.3

frescobaldi-icoFrescobaldi 2.0.3 for Mandriva Linux 2010.2 & 2011.0.

Frescobaldi is a LilyPond sheet music text editor for KDE4.
It aims to be powerful, yet lightweight and easy to use. It is named after Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643), an Italian composer.






  • Powerful text editor with syntax highlighting and automatic completion
  • Music view with advanced Point & Click
  • Midi player to proof-listen LilyPond-generated MIDI files
  • Powerful Score Wizard to quickly setup a music score
  • Snippet Manager to store and apply text snippets, templates or scripts
  • Use multiple versions of LilyPond, automatically selects the correct version
  • Built-in LilyPond documentation browser and built-in User Guide
  • Modern user iterface with configurable colors, fonts and keyboard shortcuts
  • Translated into the following languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Czech, Russian, Spanish, Galician, Turkish and Polish

Music functions:

  • Transpose music
  • Change music from relative to absolute and vice versa
  • Change the language used for note names
  • Change the rhythm (double, halve, add/remove dots, copy, paste) etc
  • Hyphenate lyrics using word-processor hyphenation dictionaries
  • Add spanners, dynamics, articulation easily using the Quick Insert panel
  • Update LilyPond syntax using convert-ly, with display of differences










Changelog (2.0.3 -- February 17th, 2012):

- New translation: Brazillian;
- updated translations: es, fr, it, nl.

New features:
- Pager in musicview toolbar;
- tools->open command prompt to open a terminal window.

- Improved "Comment" snippet; add "Uncomment";
- Home and Shift+Home now move the cursor to the first non-space character;
- Shift+Return now does not enter a line separator anymore, which could
cause wrong point and click locations;
- blinking rectangle highlights new cursor position on point and click.

Bug fixes:
- Fix zooming Music View out while on last page (issue #32);
- changing keyboard shortcuts in preferences now works on Mac OS X;
- fix { } or << >> inside lyricmode;
- in doc browser, don't display bogus versions when network is inaccessible.


Frescobaldi User Guide: 


MIB Forum topic:


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Build: GVMariani


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