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Client ftp, molto completo e veloce.











2011-05-22 - FileZilla Client 3.5.0 released


Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Don't create queue.xml anymore if it does not exist
  • MSW: Progress lines in transfer queue now appear in correct position after changing the Windows theme
  • MSW: Work around a bug in Windows where a list controls' scroll position changes without the control being notified in any way
  • Several fixes to build system and environment


2011-05-16 - FileZilla Client 3.5.0-rc2 released

New features:

  • Added experimental setting to strip file revision upon download from VMS servers. Set "Strip VMS revisions" to 1 in FileZilla.xml to enable

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • The string coalescer benchmark debug option no longer crashes if benchmarking an empty string coalescer


2011-05-08 - FileZilla Client 3.5.0-rc1 released

New features:

  • The transfer queue is now stored in an SQLite database. This greatly improves performance and vastly reduces memory consumption while loading/saving the queue
  • Additional improvements to general queue performance and memory consumption
  • The provided Linux binaries are now compiled for Debian Squeeze instead of Lenny

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Fixed crash during shutdown of FileZilla
  • Clearing the queue when it was not yet fully populated no longer causes a crash
  • If using ask login type for a site and no username is given, the initial focus is now on the user box in the login dialog


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  • Progs
    • filezilla-3.5.0-69.1mib2010.2.x86_64.rpm


Filezilla 3.5.0 - Porting Status

Mandriva 2010.2 x86_64 i686 noarch

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