Lingot 0.9.0

lingot-iconLingot 0.9.0 per Mandriva Linux 2010.2

Lingot is a musical instrument tuner
Lingot è un accordatore per strumenti musicali




en18 Lingot is accurate, easy to use, and highly configurable. Originally conceived to tune electric guitars, it can now be used to tune other instruments.

It looks like an analogue tuner, with a gauge indicating the relative shift to a certain note, found automatically as the closest note to the estimated frequency.

it Lingot è un accordatore per strumenti musicali. Nato originariamente per chitarra ben si adatta a tutti gli strumenti che possano essere collegati al PC o tramite l'utilizzo di un microfono.

L'aspetto ricorda gli accordatori analogici.
Il programma individua automaticamente la nota fondamentale che viene indicata sul lato destro insieme alla frequenza stimata, sia tramite visualizzazione sullo spettrogramma.

Il programma richiede all'avvio la disponibilità del dispositivo di ingresso audio e bene quindi chiudere eventuali applicazioni audio che potrebbero occuparla (es. registrazioni in corso, potranno essere avviate successivamente).

Per i numerosi aggiornamenti rispetto alla 0.8.1 precedentemente pacchettizzata vi rimando al changelog.




  • Accurate.
  • Easy to use. Just plug in your instrument and run tuner.
  • Highly configurable via GUI. It's possible to change any parameter while the program is running, without editing any file.
  • It works in an automatic way. It isn't necessary specify the note to tune; the program guesses it.
  • It's free software. It has GPL license.
  • Tuning other instruments than guitars is possible. Since this program guesses the note you are playing, it can be used to tune a piano, a bass, a violin, etc.


* Fixed bug #31532.
* Added configuration file importation/exportation options from the GUI.
* Improved messages to the user.
* Added tooltips.
* Applied a blur effect over the gauge background image.
* Added sync between computation and read threads over the temporal buffer.
* The deviation value didn't work in version 0.8.2b2.
* Fixed bug #31369
* Audio API is now transparent, providing the read thread.
* Improved error messages from audio device issues.
* Added different scales support.
+ Scale edition in a cell table.
+ Importation of Scala .scl files (
+ The gauge adapts its range to the scale.
+ The deviation control has been moved to the scale tab.
* The sample rate control has been changed to a GtkComboBoxEntry.
* When the sample rate is not available, the user is notified.
* Corrected some minor errors opening audio devices.
* Improved OSS error messages.
* Minor changes in the capture tab in the config dialog.
* lingot-error now supports multiple messages in the queue.
* Added some macros to simulate try/catch. Used in audio handling.
* The error dispatcher runs now under its own timer.




Porting: Astragalo
Build: Astragalo, GVM

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