K Birthday Reminder 0.9.73

K Birthday Reminder 0.9.73 for Mandriva Linux 2009.1 & 2010.0

Plasmoid reminds you of birthdays and anniversaries of contacts[¹] in the (standard) KDE address book.
Inspired by the KDE3 kicker applet KBirthday from Jan Hambrecht.

As the version number indicates, the plasmoid isn't quite ready yet. Also there are a few issues I know of.

The popup displayed when clicking on the plasmoid's icon is supposed to show only when living in a panel. This popup dialog is not ready yet! In the spirit of 'release early, release often' this is the CeBit release. Hope you will enjoy it.

[¹]Contacts can be added using KAddressBook or Kontact.







-============= V 0.9.73 ================== -French translation added (Alain Portal)
-Spanish translation added -fixing a couple of misspellings -applied patches provided by Alain Portal
-============= V 0.9.72 ================== -I18N files added -added German translation
============= V 0.9.71 ==================
-crash when started in hour after midnight - FIXED
-applied openSUSE patches
============= V 0.9.70 ==================
-I18N_ARGUMENT_MISSING FIXED by Patch from Tumsa on KDE-Looks org (thanks!)
-Since the ToolTip interface changed from KDE 4.1 to 4.2 this version depends on 4.2
-Extended panel support - this is not final yet!
============= V 0.8.0 ==================
-if added to a panel instead of the desktop, number of events will be shown
-added tooltip if added to panel (tooltip has yet to be extended)
tooltip interface keeps chaning - KDE >4.1.70 supported only at the moment
-coming events in next year and past in events in last year were not displayed (FIXED)
-count of coming events are calculated in order to resize plasmoid
/resizing itself not working yet/
-Added Icon
============= V 0.7.1 ==================
-updates on midnight (not tested yet)
-sorting list of events - closest events first
-using the normal font colour for headings (just a bit darker)
-Settings now stored when the config dialog is closed
============= V 0.7 ==================
-initial Release

RPMS - sample files name (i.e. 20091 - 32bit)


Porting: Astragalo
Build: Astragalo, Dago68