Scratch 1.4.0


Scratch 1.4.0 for Mandriva 2010.0 & 2009.1 i686 (32bit)

Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art -- and share your creations on the web.

Scratch è un linguaggio di programmazione che rende semplice creare storie interattive, animazioni, giochi, musica e arte -- e condividere le tue creazioni sul web.


it Quando i ragazzi creano e condividono i loro progetti Scratch, imparano importanti idee matematiche e computazionali e allo stesso tempo imparano a pensare creativamente, a ragionare con sistematicità e a lavorare in collaborazione.

Scratch è progettato con un occhio particolare all'apprendimento e all'educazione. I più giovani, mentre creano e condividono progetti in Scratch, sviluppano al contempo importanti capacità legate alla progettazione e al problem-solving, al pensiero creativo, al ragionamento sistematico e al lavoro collaborativo.

Scratch può essere usato in ambiti molto diversi: scuole, musei, centri di aggregazione e, naturalmente, a casa. E' stato studiato specificatamente per ragazzi dagli 8 ai 16 anni, ma anche ragazzi più giovani possono lavorare su progetti Scratch con l'aiuto dei genitori o dei fratelli maggiori, e studenti di college usano già Scratch in alcuni corsi di introduzione all'informatica.


en18 Scratch is a computer application aimed primarily at children and allows them to explore and experiment with the concepts of computer programming by using the simple graphical interface.

It is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab by a team led by Mitchel Resnick and first appeared in the summer of 2007. The source code is made available under a license that allows for modifications for non-commercial uses.

The name Scratch is derived from the turntablist technique of scratching, and refers to both the language and its implementation. The similarity to musical "scratching” is the easy reusability of pieces: in Scratch all the objects, graphics, sounds, and scripts can be easily imported to a new program and combined in new ways allowing beginners to get quick results and be motivated to try further.
Scratch is used worldwide in many different settings: schools, museums, community centers, and homes. It is intended especially for 6- to 16-year-olds, but people of all ages have used Scratch. For example, younger kids can create projects with their parents or older siblings, and college students use Scratch in some introductory computer science classes.

In designing the language, the main priority was to make the language and development environment intuitive and easily learned by children who had no previous programming experience. There is a strong contrast between the powerful multi-media functions and multi-threaded programming style and the rather limited scope of the Scratch programming language.








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