PyDance 1.1.0


PyDance 1.1.0 for Mandriva Linux 2010.0 & 2009.1

PyDance is fun dancing game for experience asian dance beat! Showing friends your hot move with big score!





en18 Highly configurable, colorful animated arrow motion, limitless numbers of dance steps, 1 or 2 players, professionally written
music, laughter provoking sound effects, and yes, even graphical transitions.

Have you ever gone to an arcade and seen some crazy girl busting moves on some sort of metal panel of sorts, or a guy making a fool of himself trying to dance without watching the screen? Well, that game is Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR for short, which has been a hit in Asian countries for awhile and is finally getting popular in Europe and North America.
So, what you do is watch the screen as these colored arrows move up the screen. As soon as they cover up stationary ones, you press them on a dance pad with your feet. It doesn't matter if you leave your foot down after you press it, it doesn't matter if you hit the correct arrow and the wrong arrow at the same time if you happened to jump a little, the only thing that matters is hitting the proper arrow at the proper time. At the end of the song, you get a grade telling you how close to the beat you were.

Sounds fun and easy, right? Well, now that you're a pro, download pydance and you can play it on your computer instead! If you don't have a dance pad, try it with the keyboard or with a gamepad! You can write dance steps to songs on your computer to dance to, use two mats and see whether you or your friend is a better dancer, or just play a game that's fun, challenging, has good music, and get some exercise.


it PyDance, prima pyDDR, è un gioco di ballo scritto in Python che emula il famoso gioco asiatico Dance Dance Revolution.

Le frecce che scorrono sullo schermo vi indicano dove e quando dovete mettere il piede, simulando quindi un balletto. Potete usare il programma direttamente con la tastiera o, in maniera più divertente, con molti dei tappeti da ballo in vendita per PSX o PS2 usando semplicemente un adattatore. Potete trovare maggiori informazioni nelle FAQ.

Il programma oltre ad utilizzare il proprio formato .dance è in grado anche di leggere anche i formati DWI, SM e KSF. Molte anche le modalità di gioco per trasformare ogni giocatore in un vero ballerino o per rimettervi in forma ;)








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* Support for playing with game mats or on the keyboard.
* Reads DWI, SM, and KSF files, in addition to its own .dance format.
* Single (one player), versus (two players, same steps), double (one player, two mats), and couple (two players, different steps) modes.
* 3 panel (DDR Solo beginner), 4 panel (DDR), 5 panel (Pump It Up), 6 panel (DDR Solo), 8 panel (Technomotion), 9 panel, Dance ManiaX, EZ2 Dancer, EZ2 Real, and Parapara-style games, for all of the above modes.
* Autogeneration of steps for modes that don't have them, so your huge DDR song library will now have Pump It Up and Technomotion steps.
* Nonstop courses, single songs, or endless play, with many different types of lifebars, like oni ("battery") or tug of war.
* Many familiar game modifiers like mirror, hidden, and little, as well as new ones like spin and shrink.


+ New feature added or made an existing one better
- Removed a feature, or something bad happened
* Fixed a bug
! Changed something important, probably incompatibly.

1.1.0 - Under new management.
+ A 2.5x speed multiplier was added.
+ A constant-BPM speed mode (from 200bpm up to 800bpm) was implemented.
+ Sorting/Floders by steps difficulty and rating added. (Frank Foeth)
+ UTF-8 BOMs now handled. (Stefan Kloe)
+ Pydance now has gettext support, with Catalan translation
available. (Carles Pina i Estany and Catux LUG)
+ Non-ASCII song names are now printed to console if console encoding
supports it.
+ Font theming support, including support for Asian song names,
unsupported by pygame's default font.
- Song preview now starts at 0, to work around a pygame/libsdl
bug. (Carles Pina i Estany)
* It is now guaranteed that songs in a course are not repeated.
* Fixes crackling sound caused by pygame mixer being initialized incorrectly.
* Minor typos fixed.

1.0.3 - Like that's possible.                    [2005.04.04]
* An import conflict with python-stats was fixed.
+ Take a shot at detecting 3 axis 10 button joypads.
* Fix crash when using flat mode. (Drake Wilson)
* Better Xbox pad support. (David Fifield)
+ Change options between songs. (Pavel N. Krivitsky)
* Support for #FILE in DWI files. (Pavel N. Krivitsky)
* Fixes for player's best/worst courses. (Pavel N. Krivitsky)

Porting: Dago68
Build: Dago68


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