QDVDAuthor 2.1

qdvdauthor-0QDVDauthor 2.1 for Mandriva Linux 2010.0 & 2009.1

QDVDAuthor, the GUI frontend for dvdauthor and other related tools.






What is possible so far with qdvdauthor ?

* You can use the FewClickWizard to generate a whole DVD with a few mouse clicks.
* You can use a simple Template dialog to create your menus.
* You can convert the whole project from PAL to NTSC and of course from NTSC to PAL.
* You can generate the main menu.
* You can generate Sub Menus.
* You can create multiple subtitles for your videos.
* You can transcode your input videos.
* You can apply multiple audio streams to the input videos.
* You can generate buttons.
* You can scale, color, stretch, twist and shout each object.
* You can give each menu multiple sound tracks.
* You can generate a DVD slideshow.
* You can create a full blown DVD without knowing the command line tools.
* You can modify every generated command before executing and generating the DVD.
* You can create animated menus (moving stuff around).
* You can generate MovieMenus.
* You can generate MovieButtons.
Note: Animated menus, MovieMenus and MovieButtons REQUIRE mplayer/mencoder !
* You can contribute to qdvdauthor.
* And much much more ...

The goal of 'Q' DVD-Author is to provide a complete DVDAuthoring solution for Linux with the emphasis of ease of use and a complete set of functionality.







More screenshots

Video Wizard



Version 2.1.0 Released January 8'th 2010
o    BUGFIX: Slideshow creation, Fixed audio transcoding for slideshow vids if the audio format is SAMPLE_FMT_U8.
o    BUGFIX: configure script, had issues using the -j switch ( instead of the --cores )
o    BUGFIX: Slideshow ialog, Some audio files caused the [Edit] dialog not to return to the calling function.
o    BUGFIX: suppress "Not JPEG: /tmp/01.png" message.
o    BUGFIX: Slideshow creation, properly init audio-output-sample_fmt.
o    BUGFIX: Clone ButtonObjects would not clone the modifiers.
o    BUGFIX: Configurator, Fixed the graphical configurator tool.
o    BUGFIX: Crashing bug for ButtonObjects with shadows and overlay objects.
o    BUGFIX: Fixed StructureItem when creating a ButtonObect.
o    BUGFIX: Crashing bug when changing colors on MaskObjects after using the button-dialog.
o    BUGFIX: Fixed rendering of MaskObjects on Images with OverlayObjects.
o    Added possibility to modify multiple objects in the TemplateWizard ( required for the ReflectionPond template )
o    BUGFIX: Crashing bug when using MovieObjects.
o    Added context menu items to a ButtonObject whose main object contains a ShadowObject or an OverlayObject.
o    BUGFIX: HDRCreme does no longer work.


MIB-Rpms request by Salvatore47

Porting: Dago68
Build: Dago68