WxMaxima 0.8.4

logoWxMaxima 0.8.4 for Mandriva Linux 2010.0

wxMaxima is a cross platform GUI for the computer algebra system Maxima based on wxWidgets.

Homepage and source dwl:

wxMaxima features include:

  • 2D formatted math display: wxMaxima implements its own math display engine to nicely display maxima output.

  • Menu system: most Maxima commands are available through menus. Most used functions are also available through a button panel below the document.

  • Dialogs: commands which require more that one argument can be entered through dialogs so that there is no need to remember the exact syntax.

  • Create documents: text can be mixed with math calculations to create documents. Documents can be saved and edited again later.

  • Animations: version 0.7.4 adds support for simple animations.

wxMaxima is released under the GPL2 licence.









wxMaxima 0.8.4

  • Search & Replace
  • Autocompletion for builtin and user define functions/variables
  • New translation: Czech

wxMaxima 0.8.3

Major new features:

  • new cell types added: Subsection, Page break
  • sections and subsections are 'auto-numbered' (think LaTeX)
  • title, section and subsection cells can be folded (to hide the contents)
  • Addition of 'panes' to the user interface (the buttons at the bottom concept reworked)
  • Buttons from the bottom moved into a 'General Math' pane
  • New 'Statistics' pane - shortcuts for statistics related Maxima functions
  • New 'History' pane - command history
  • New 'Insert Cell' pane - shortcuts for inserting cells
  • New menu entry for 'to_poly_solve'
  • Improved rendering (more TeX-like) of integral, sum, product symbol and parenthesis via jsMath fonts
  • New translation: Danish

Minor improvements / fixes:

  • certain special keys (Windows key...) are now ignored (before, pressing them inserted garbage)
  • hiding improved: hiding a text or input cell now shows the first line of the content
  • zooming improved: zoom is now percentual, affects only current document, changes all the fontsizes in the document
  • image cells now contain a line for a description of 'figure'
  • support for merging and dividing cells via right click menu
  • HTML and LaTeX exports improved (better styles handling fro HTML, changed Title cell handling in LaTeX, utf-8 encoding for LaTeX export...)
  • new inline plotting wrapper functions: wxhistogram, wxscatterplot, wxbarsplot, wxpiechart, wxboxplot.
  • fixed width input/output labels
  • toolbar is optional
  • animations can be viewed with mousewheel
  • improved speed of large outputs (useful for inline help with ?, example: '? plot2d;')
  • input label (%in) is reset to '-->' if there are changes in input since last evaluation
  • various bugfixes


Porting: crislosi
: crislosi



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