mathrider-0MathRider per Mandriva Linux 2009.1

For software developers, MathRider can be thought of as a mathematics-oriented IDE. For non-developers, MathRider can be thought of as an education-friendly Super Scientific Calculator (SSC) for performing numeric and symbolic computations.

With this program you can plot a lot of maps easily: 3D surfaces, Knots, Conform Maps, Fractals, 2D Plots and so on with animations.

You can work with symbolic and numeric math form, you can use LaTeX, you can draw statistical graphs.

From the same MathRider you can use Geogebra, Jfreechart and Jung, too; and many more plug-ins.


License: GNU General Public License (GPL v. 2.0)

Here is a video demonstration about MathRider.

MathRider in Linux from Tobal on Vimeo.






Porting: crislosi
Build: crislosi 32&64 bit

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