ScreenGrab 0.3.1

ScreengrabScreenGrab 0.3.1 per Mandriva Linux 2009.1

ScreenGrab -- program geting screenshots working in Linux and Windows.
The program uses Qt and is independent of any desktop environment.

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* return mainwindow icon
* main window now based on ui-file (trmaked UI)
* some redesign interface
* add grabbing acrive window
* add option for allowing multiple copies of app
* add option for select between minimizing in tray and closing (by close window button)
* add JPEG support
* add options dialog.
* add sryyings for default saving dir, filename and image format.
* add saving options into INI-file.
* add i18n support and Russian localiaztion.
* some fixes and changes in code.
* Windows version now avalible as installer
* first public version.
* add system tray icon and menu.
* add hiding in systray.
* add blocking second instance application.
* first worked build.


Available for Mandriva:  2009.1
Arch: x86_64 & i686

Porting: SymbianFlo
Build: SymbianFlo

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