Omnitux 0.9.0

Omnitux 0.9.0 now available for Mandriva 2009.1

The project aims to provide various educational activities around multimedia elements (images, sounds, texts)

Applicazione educativa comprendente svariate attività intorno ad elementi multimediali

Home Page:

License: GNU GPL license by Olav_2.

Types of activities
* Associations,
* items to place on a map or a schema,
* counting activities,
* puzzles,
* card faces to remember,
* ...

* Customization : Omnitux activities are described in XML files. Thus, you can modify or create your own activities without having to change the program. (howto customize)
* Support for high resolution bitmap images (JPG, PNG) and scalable vector images (SVG).
* Use of maximum available fullscreen resolution ensures good graphical rendering on any computer type, from little netbook display to high end 26" wide screen.
* Multiple languages support :
o German
o English
o French
o Polish
o Portuguese
* Available for Linux and Microsoft Windows.
* Exclusive "Tux rewards system" : you'll win a great Tux (from for each completed activity.


RPM sample file list:

and builded by Crislosi