Bilbo-blogger 1.0

logoBilbo-blogger 1.0 per Mandriva Linux 2009.1

Bilbo moved into KDE project with a new name and we will refer it as Blogilo.

Blogilo is a Free/Open Source Blogging client, focused on simplicity and usability.
Blogilo means “Blog Tool” in Esperanto.

Stable version 1.0 codename Greenway has been released.



* A full featured WYSIWYG editor + A simple HTML editor
* Post Preview (fetching blog style and show post natively on your blog).
* Support for Blogger1.0, MetaWeblog, MovableType (Wordpress supports All of these!) and Google GData (used on Blogspot blogs) APIs!
* Support for Creating/Modifying/Deleting posts.
* Support for creating drafts and scheduled posts!
* Support for uploading media files to your blog. (Currently just MetaWeblog and MovableType APIs support this function)
* Support for Fetching your recent blog entries.
* Support for adding Images to post from your system. It will upload them before submitting post to blog.
* Support for storing local entries.
* Saving your writing copy at configurable intervals to prevent data loss.
* Internal auto spell checker. (Using default KDE spell checker, so most of languages are supported)







1.0 Stable

There is just one new feature in this release, A cache system for links used by user, for later use. Other changes are some fixes and improvements from previous Beta release. Some of them are:

* Fix a bug in setting timestamps on post creation, for Wordpress and Movabletype APIs. (bug #407192)
* Fix the Blogger1 API problem on fetching posts in some non-Latin languages.
* Better error messages on Add new blog dialog.
* Paragraph spacing in visual editor missing by default, FIXED. (bug #387578)
* Made compatible with Windows XP, and make a package for it.
* Remove local post deletes unconditionally, FIXED (bug #405142)
* Fix a bug on Toolbox show/hide functionality.
* Add an option to bilbo configuration page to enable/disable spell checking by default.

1.0 Beta1 version

* Using system tray icon made optional, and disabled by default.
* Many improvements to Add/Edit blog dialog.
* Support for uploading to FTP server.
* Support for LiveJournal improved. (Use Blogger 1.0 API for it)
* Support for Drupal improved. (Use MovableType API for it)
* Support for html syntax highlighting.
* Support for blockquote tag.
* Support for html heading tags.
* Better support of caching in preview section.
* Improvements to the UI.

Requirements to Install:

Bilbo is based on Qt4 and KDE4 libraries and uses a modified KBlog library (called BilboKBlog).
You need KDELibs, KDEPimLibs and Boost libraries development packages.
It uses SQLite database engine to store data. so you have to install Qt4 driver for it. after release of Qt 4.4 they package it out of Qt-sql package!( In Debian-based systems such as Kubuntu, it’s libqt4-sql-sqlite).
You also need GNU GetText to build and use translations! If you don’t want them just remove “po” dir in source root.


urpmi bilbo-blogger


Porting: Dago68
Build: Dago68

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