servicemenu-pdf 0.3.4

imgservicemenu-pdf 0.3.4 disponibile per Mandriva 2009.1 e 2008.1

servicemenu-pdf is a servicemenu for KDE3 and KDE4.

Attention: servicemenu-pdf needs pdftk software built by our packager Pulfer with his patch given to Mandriva that without reason doesn't want to put in the official Mandriva repositories and to close the bug. Don't worry, like always you can find in ours repositories the file.

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Servicemenu-pdf estende le funzionalità di konqueror/dolphin aggiungendo dei sub menu attivabili con il tasto destro del mouse sul file.

Questo software è simile alle azioni di Nautilus di Gnome. Tali azioni sono relative al file pdf. È possibile unire, ruotare, impostare la password, decomprimere, estrarre, riparare, bloccare, sbloccare, effetto filigrana, convertire in formato html, convertire in immagini, convertire in testo e molte altre azioni. È possibile convertire un documento pdf in opuscoli.

Here are various KDE service menus for PDF documents

* Optimize pdf document
* Convert pdf document to PNG images in a subdirectory
* Convert pdf document to JPEG images in a subdirectory
* Convert pdf document to FAX images in a subdirectory
* Convert to PostScript
* Show informations
* Convert to booklet
* Join selected PDF (alphabetic order)
* Add another pdf to selected file
* Rotate left
* Rotate right
* Restore original orientation
* Overturn
* Extract pages
* Extraxt all even pages
* Extract all odd pages
* Burst PDF pages
* Remove pages
* Repair
* Watermark pages of a PDF file
* Stamp (cover pages with other pdf)
* Lock (give master password, give user password, select permissions)
* Unlock (with master password)
* Attach arbitrary file (not PDF only, but documents audio image movie too)
* Extract all attached files (one or more)
* Uncompress PDF files (Remove PDF page stream compression)
* Compress PDF files (Restore page stream compression)
* Repaginate document with custom pages per sheet
* Convert an PDF document to HTML page
* Convert an PDF document to one or more images
* Extract images from PDF documents
* Convert PDF document to text

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Version 0.3.4
Fixed little typo bug in Now you can convert pdf in gray jpeg.
Fixed little issue in deb package (control file). (tnx to Marc Mezzarobba)

Version 0.3.3
Fixed bug in Now is possible remove first page only.
In ghostscript optimization, added various resolutions for outout document.
Added default value "20" for option "pages for booklet" in booklet menu

Version 0.3.2
Fixed little source code in pdftobooklet menu script file.
Fixed debian package.
Changed icons of service menus and menudialog window for kde3 version.

Version 0.3.1
Added error catch: Now if you abort any operations, stop all.
Added extraction or conversion images in subdirectory for all servicemenus.
Removed all debug messages.

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Mandriva 2009.1:


Mandriva 2008.1:


Porting: preparati per voi da Dago68 (noarch)

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