QDVDAuthor 1.11.1

imgQDVDAuthor 1.11.1 disponibile per Mandriva 2009.1 e 2008.1

QDVDAuthor, the GUI frontend for dvdauthor and other related tools.

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QDVDAuthor is a gui frontend for using dvdauthor to easily build DVD menus and assemble the DVD VOB files.
This package requires MPlayer.

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Version 1.11.1 Released August 13'th 2009
o BUGFIX: QRender: Fixed ffmpeg version information for new API calls so qrender will compile on all versions of ffmpeg.

Version 1.11.0 Released August 6'th 2009
o QRender: replaced deprecated function ffmpeg calls.
o Added support for Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V.
o Added support for Del.
o Added support for cursor keys in the DVDMenu.
o Added "--omit-qdvdauthor" to he configure script. This way qrender and qdvdauthor can be built separately.
o Display message in DialogOverlay if mask - directory does not exist or is empty.
o Added OverlayObject class.
o - Handle drawContents
o - Handle setting slider when MouseMove
o - Handle Color
o - Handle Transparency
o - Handle Reset
o - Implement NoOverlay - button
o - Handle AnimationAttributes
o - Check functionality
o - Change cursor shape according to Zoom, Move, or shear
o - Implement StructureItem attributes
o - Handle Init static variables ( Colors only )/usr/bin/qrender
o - Handle Init existing OverlayObject setting values
o - Add "Add Mask" Context menu for ImageOjects and MovieObjects.
o - OverlayObject::clone ()
o - Implement reading/writing to/from project file
o Add picture frames as masks.
o Add version info file to libraries
o Add menu item to check for latest resource versions
o - When Q is started for the first time, run the check.
o - Display if libraries etc are cmpletely missing
o Masks: add 1 single heart mask
o Masks: add a plain rectangle with frame
o Add slideshow aspect ratio 16:9.
o Rework the Undo-stack dialog.
o - Move the action to the very left side
o - Implement the multiple undo functionality
o - Update the UndoStack dynamically if the dialog is opened.
o BUGFIX: ButtonTransition: Video parameters for ButtonTransitions in the dvdauthor.xml file.
o BUGFIX: ButtonTransition: scale start image to have same size as end image.
o BUGFIX: ShadowObject rendering is wrong for images with OverlayObjects.
o BUGFIX: DialogMovie: MenuBackgrounds: TransitionsFeature: The duration of the transitions is lost.
o BUGFIX: qrender crashes if no AlphaMasks are present in SystemDir.
o BUGFIX: TextShaddows no longer working.
o BUGFIX: Videos are not removed fromt he video list after a slideshow is rendered.
o BUGFIX: Slideshow does not detect 16:9 or 4:3 when returning
o BUGFIX: When closing the app QDVDAuthor crashes on the StructureItem
o BUGFIX: Delete a MovieObject and press Ctrl-Z will crash QDVDAuthor.
o BUGFIX: ButtonDialog: The list of avail bttons needs to be that of the target DVD Menu.
o BUGFIX: Crashes for undo a deleted button.
o BUGFIX: Can not undo 'add Shadow'
o BUGFIX: Can not undo 'edit Shadow'
o BUGFIX: Can not undo 'delete Shadow'
o BUGFIX: Can not undo 'add OverlayObject'
o BUGFIX: Can not undo 'edit OverlayObject'
o BUGFIX: Can not undo 'delete OverlayObject'
o BUGFIX: Can not undo when creating a new object.
o BUGFIX: Fixed unicode issue in libjhead.
o BUGFIX: QDVDAuthor crashed when closing DialogFiles while creating thumbnails.
o BUGFIX: QDVDAuthor crashed when trying to create a slideshow without audio files.
o BUGFIX: QRender crashed when trying to create a slideshow without images.
o BUGFIX: libjhead did not like umlauts
o BUGFIX: QDVDAuthor could not handle ` in directory names.
o BUGFIX: Previewer resizing issue in full-screen mode.
o BUGFIX: QRender could not handle 11025Hz sample rate audio/video files.
Added file dialogoverlay.h
Added file dialogoverlay.cpp
Added file uidialogoverlay.ui

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