PlayOnLinux 3.6

pol-logoPlayOnLinux 3.6 per Mandriva Linux 2009.1

Emulatore per l’installazione di giochi Windows su Linux che sfrutta il motore di wine e script di installazione per vari giochi best-seller e che permette anche l’aggiornamento e l’ampliamento dei titoli attraverso internet.

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PlayOnLinux User Manual:


Here are the main changes:

version 3.6:
Various bug fixed
- Winetricks integration

-> 3.5
- Icon changed
- becomes
- English translation improved

-> 3.4
- Changelog removed when a new version is installed
- Possibility to configure the prefix before manual install
- Repository is automaticaly updated when needed
- POL_SetupWindow_prefixcreate use POL_SetupWindow_normalprefixcreate to avoid bugs
- POL_SetupWindow_specificprefixcreate and POL_SetupWindow_oldprefixcreate are made
- Autorun is moved on tools menu
- Refresh the repository should no more be needed. Therefor, it has been removed from the toolbar

-> 3.3.1
- An important bug corrected in wine version manager
- lzma is no more asked by check_depend

Porting: Symbianflo
Build: Symbianflo