Qtrainer 0.5.2

imgQtrainer 0.5.2 disponibile per Mandriva 2009.1 e 2008.1

Qtrainer is a personal home trainer for Qt4.3 or higher.

Sito web: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Qtrainer?content=60499

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Qtrainer is a personal home trainer for Qt4.3 or higher.

Qtrainer plots your progress, gives you tips and training schedules.
It also lets you plan your trainings.
Qtrainer also has an online database of exercises.

At the moment only for fitness/power training but it will support a lot of sports in the future.

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update 15/03/08:
Qtrainer0.5.2 released. 5 bugs fixed, changed colors of the plots, changed the 'online' part of Qtrainer, added helpfull actions in the Information widget.
(added link to mandrivaRPM and gentoo ebuild)

update 09/03/08:
Qtrainer0.5.1 released. Internally A LOT has changed. Externally only some minor improvements to the PowerTraining module and an entire new module for keeping track of your BMI, weight, length, fat%, ...

update 05/10/07:
source link was still 0.4.2 instead of 0.5. I fixed it.

update 15/09/07:
Removed bug from Qtrainer which prevented the adding of schedules
updated: source code, precompiled linux, ubuntu/debian, windows packages
added a windows-installer/uninstaller

update 14/09/07:
Added Ubuntu package, ALT-linux package and gentoo eBuild
Thanks to:
Kenneth Prugh and Mikhail A. Pokidko
I made the ubuntu package myself :-)

Qtrainer 0.5:
*new Training Planner!
*new icons
*new 'sections' (left-bar)
*new 'New Profile' dialog
*Start of the 'grid' framework...the gridframework will display and store training-data from Trainings or TrainingSchedules
*New information section: displaying more information!
*Online database with lots of exercises
*You can upload your plots to the Qtrainer website to share them with your friends :-)

UPDATE: Added gentoo eBuild. It was made by someone else (don't know his name) The original eBuild can be found here:

UPDATE: I recompiled the windows package and the linux deb. But now for i386 instead of mine Intel Centrino.
This makes Qtrainer more stable I guess.
I also added a precompiled linux binary

*Qtrainer is now stable.
*17times faster (used seperate threads + some other optimisasion)
*Training planner added
*online database
*Smooth curves instead of just connecting the points

RPM sample rpm list:

Mandriva 2009.1:


Mandriva 2008.1:


Porting: preparati per voi da Dago68 (32/64bit)

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