JAG 0.2.5

JAG 0.2.5 per Mandriva  Linux 2009.1 e 2008.1

JAG is an arcade-puzzle 2D game which runs on Linux and Windows. It is free and opensource.

The aim of JAG is to break all of the target pieces on each level, and to do this before the time runs out. Keep doing this until you have beaten the last level and won the game


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Different items

Move game pieces using mouse into matches of 3 or more in a straight line horizontally or vertically. Doing this on top of the target cells will break them. The faster targets are removed, the bigger is score.

Single target
Double target

There are single and double targets. Unlike the single ones, double targets are removed in two turns.

Single block
Double block

Some pieces are blocked. Before removing such ones, blocks should be destroyed. Blocks also can be single or double.

By breaking pieces and targets, you're earning score which can be spent for applying a special tool. Tools make the life easier as they're mostly intended for breaking several pieces at a time, including blocks and targets.

By breaking pieces of the same type, you're also increasing bonus counters. If you will collect 500 and more items, you can remove all the same items from the field.


You're getting score points for removing game pieces. Basically, you get 1 point for the ordinary cell and 3 points for the target cell.

The actual points you get are multiplyed by bonus value, so it can be much higher.

Score bonus is the multiplier which is applyed to every score point you get during the game. The bonus raises when you remove target cells quickly enough to keep bonus timer run. By default, bonus timer is set to 5 seconds, but during the game you can increase this value.

Items and rewards

Every level may contain up to 6 game items. The icon of an item depends on current graphic theme selected.

In arcade mode there is a reward, which is given for 500 or more pieces of collected items - you can eliminate all the items of the collected type from the field. You can choose the power of the elimination depending of how many items you collected.


Tools are the special rewards that you take for scoring and collecting game items. There are 10 tools available in the game (2 in the puzzle mode):

destroys an item in the game field

adds +60 seconds to the level timer

removes a single block

removes item, one block and one target

Super Star
star with doubled power

explodes a region of 9 cells

randomly mixes items in the field

randomly removes items from the field

Row Blaster
removes items, blocks and targets in a row

Twin Blaster
removes all items of the selected type

Permanent Bonus

Unlike tools, permanent bonus, once received, is active for all the further levels. Getting permanent bonus of the same type several times increases its power.

Score-Time Bonus
permanent extra +1 second to bonus timer

Score-Magnification Bonus
permanent +1 to multiplier value

Score bonus
permanent extra 1 point for the target cell

Clock Bonus
permanent extra 30 seconds to level timer

Arcade vs Puzzle

The are two play modes in the game - arcade and puzzle. The difference is - in arcade mode you can get new bonuses for collected items and use all the tools, and in puzzle mode you have only two tools (Hammer and Clock). Also in the puzzle mode level doesn't fail when the time is over, you may continue, but you won't get any bonus points if the time is zero.

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Porting: Dago68

Packagging: Dago68 & SymbianFlo

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