Wine 1.1.27

WineWine 1.1.27 per Mandriva 2007.1, 2008.1, 2009.0, 2009.1.

Nuova release per il “non-emulatore” di windows.


Quello che c'è in questa versione:

The Wine development release 1.1.27 is now available.

What's new in this release (see below for details):

- New version of the Gecko engine.

- New GSM 06.10 codec support.

- Improved support for the disk volume APIs.

- Support for XShm pixmaps for better performance.

- Various bug fixes.


Bugs fixed in 1.1.27:

3231  ListView: column reordering not implemented

3912  incorrect RGBQUAD struct declaration causes link error

4214  Unsupported 2007 WGL Attribute in Second Life

4304  Metatrader: Double clicking to change table values doesn't work

5068  Secondlife will not log in with the Alsa driver turned on and OSS driver turned off

6217  Alien Shooter runs slow

6936  eMule uses 40% CPU when idle permanently, independent of CPU speed

7701  rakuscan.exe (IP Scanner for Konica-Minolta copiers) fails to run

7796  Knight Rider doesn't run

8345  Syberia - Game runs but everything is black

8382  wine is looking in wrong folder for Theme Hospital Setup

8422  2xExplorer fails to start

8770  Warcraft III freezes in BN ladder games after a few seconds/minutes (ATI)

9152  Unimplemented function ntdll.dll.RtlGetCompressionWorkSpaceSize

9711  Quake Wars mouse wheel scrolls twice instead of once

10465  Radmin viewer 3.1: "Arrange Icons" action does not work in main viewer window

10512  Project Visitor: Installs OK but crashes when run

10518  Alpha Centauri crashes on launch with ALSA sound

10532  Paint Shop Pro 9: Open dialog box buttons are a mess

10692  Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 - Dictation Box cannot copy/paste

10695  Music in Age of Wonders 2 demo causes buzzing sound in left stereo channel

10912  start command does not support /B option

10916  TreeView: Eclipse crashes on startup

10957  CreateFile doesn't work for devices

11031  Age of Empires III exits silently

11054  Missing GdipNewPrivateFontCollection and GdipGetDpiX functions

11193  Instan-t Messenger 5.0 BETA crashes after a few minutes

11952  Display problem with Notepad++ 4.8.2

12048  coreftp hangs after connecting to a ftp site

12197  Final Liberation fails with "numDisplayModes Failed" message

12483  Rosetta Stone V3 will not install

12519  Yahoo! Widget Engine version 4.5 wont start

12609  Silent Hill 2: random slow down

12751  Sibelius 4, line-breaks, text overlap

12980  Bioshock 1.0 crash on startup with "unhandled exception"

13039  SkyMap Pro: Help font size is unreadable. Too small.

13279  TrendyFlash Site Builder 1.0 requires urlmon stubs

13288  Ventrilo requires the GSM 6.10 codec

13316  Strong DC++ does not auto scroll chat window

13350  Vim menu text overlaps itself [dogfood]

13449  Art is Dead crashes when loading the first level

13562  rpg maker vx crashing when the menu is clicked

13857  winword 97 100% cpu splash

13867  WinSCP: Background transfer queue doesn't refresh/update automatically (dogfood)

13993  MathCAD 2001: crashes while installing

14004  Flickering/Flashing Menu Screen in Steam games

14223  Homeworld 2 fails to start

14244  Wine ignores StringFormat alignment

14610  Stata crashes when trying to start help (window)

14783  Cannot closed WMP 9 after minimizing.

15048  BabasChess requires GdipCreateHatchBrush

15122  Clipboard functions don't work in console applications

15194  cmd.exe doesn't support for 2>&1 style redirection

15282  Microsoft Office Excel 2007: Recording Macros doesn't work

15398  The Journeyman project 3 crashes on exit

15533  iTunes 8.0 fails to install

15801  DietPower 4.4, wine crashes when food log window is closed

15903  Sibelius 3: list box items with graphics are drawn incorrectly

16166  Google Sketchup 7 display often corrupt until you click on it

16488  "Tools / Google Earth / Get Current View" crashes Google Sketchup 7

16627  Sword of the Stars: command-and-control units do not display last digit in fleet management

16631  Liquid War 6: Fails to start.(dogfood)

16650  Melodyne Studio demo crashes on startup

16707  regedit: "Type" column resize and redraw is not working properly

16796  Implement mssign32.dll

16810  MT4(MetaTrader) two bugs

16853  Sword of the Stars: crashes on entering main game screen.

16961  Videos in The Neverhood are broken

16997  lotro: symbols above NPC's are totally black as is fog

17111  Construct 0.98.6

17145  'wrong version of assembly manifest', ok, but which is the right one?

17202  Segmentation fault in Call of Cthulhu

17220  Lightbox Plus image editor freeze after few minutes

17256  Two mshmtl regressions in Vdownloader

17267  World of Warcraft 3.0.8a: No input in main game area

17456  Implement windows firewall

17673  PDF-XChange Viewer ver 2.0: pages navigation toolbar corrupted

17696  Skype 4 setup fails to recognise downloaded .msi

17748  PhotoPhiltre - Open picture dialog too small

17886  Toolbar flicker (TB_HIDEBUTTON always redraws)

17912  Various visual glitches on Last Remnant

18034  RA3 Uprising crash at the beginning of campaign: The TALE of YURIKO

18051  winamp doesn't run

18214  winboard 4.2.7b -- ICS client doesn't have horizontal scrollbars

18239  regedit should remember the last key open

18282  Tom Clancy's EndWar: selected unit "circle" is not rendered right

18409  Missing text in the license area text while intaling Windows Live messenger 8.1

18413  Teamviewer can`t connect with File Transfer

18504  ToolTip doesn't hide

18510  Microsoft .Net 20 SP1 Installer's text is unreadable

18612  AutoGK 2.55 crashes on close

18674  Exception EAccessViolation in module tralih.exe

18675  GuildWars tries to repair the data archive on every start.

18681  Can not accept license for Adobe CS4 installers

18704  PureEdge Viewer (ICS Viewer) 6.0 interface is inappropriately rendered with scroll bars

18871  Various Ogre demos crash on exit in D3D9 mode

18897  Metatrader 4: Quotes Table cells not aligned

18997  Warcraft 3 1.23 crashes after remaining one minute in a chat room.

19121  F1 Challenge 99-02: 3D graphics seems completely broken

19132  winebrowser: when URL is passed as file://url with anchor or query included it fails to open

19219  EVE crashes with a page fault

19240  Full Tilt Poker exits silently

19260  Starfleet Command  - entire display flickers strobe-like in-game

19315  Call Of Duty 4 - graphical glitches (post-processing works intermittently)

19349  Crash in Xenu 1.3c when prompting for a username and password

19351  RootsMagic 4 installer hangs while downloading place database

19387  Command and Conquer 3 Uprising doesn't work anymore

19393  Word & Excel 2007 scrollbar background/arrow buttons are wrong color, changes based on size

19396  Blitzin2: Auto-vscroll not working

19398  runes of magic fails to load game world

19406  Battlefield heroes - can't connect to game server

19412  Red Alert 3: fails to render a character

19429  WideCharToMultiByte: Incorrect conversion of "default character"

19456  Mount Manager crashes with optical discs since commit 15acd35

19470  Wine shouldn't assume the default visual supports GLX

19509  CounterStrike Source:  Texture smear w/ level set to DirectX 9.0

19537  Sonos 3.0 dies after first step in setup wizard

19556  GdipAddPathPieI forwards to itself

19564  Guitar Hero World Tour crashes in secur32

19610  Eclipse exits on load with X Error

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