Fotoxx 7.5 -> 7.7 e Printoxx 2.0.2

FotoxxFotoxx 7.5 -> 7.7 e Printoxx 2.0.2 per Mandriva 2008.1 e 2009.1


Fotox è un programma free open-source per migliorare le immagini create con fotocamere digitali…









In questa versione:

fotoxx 7.7

Date Jul 22, 2009

+ Trim function - slow dotted line drag was fixed.
+ Following functions now use parallel threads for multi-core CPUs:
   sharpen (unsharp mask, laplacian), denoise (all 3 methods), unbend.
+ Pano and HDR have small speed improvements (28 and 14 percent).
+ Bugfix: view EXIF was broken for non-English locales.
+ Updated French translation.

fotoxx 7.6

Date Jul 19, 2009

The Chinese translation was updated and the initial Czech translation was added.

The select area function was made easier to use. This function can now be suspended and resumed using a button. This frees the mouse for zooming or scrolling the image during the area selection process. Another button was added to show or hide the area outline while image edit functions are being applied to the area.


fotoxx 7.5
Date Jul 12, 2009

The focus for this release: fix several minor bugs and user interface problems.

+ Avoid application lockup if drawing window shrunk to zero size.
+ Zoom+ button: retain current image center (feature lost in 7.4).
+ Scroll via mouse drag: reduce required mouse movement.
+ Pixel edit: allow edit with large radius also at edge of image.
+ Pano prealign: do not load CPU when nothing is being done.
+ Pano auto-find lens parameters: more robust and consistent.
+ HDR and pano: avoid use of image edge pixels for image alignment.
+ Fix half-broken tag search for images with no tags or dates.
+ Use EXIF date as default even if no tags are assigned.
+ Select area: editing may be suspended and resumed later, with other functions done in-between (see user guide for details). Thus you can zoom or scroll the image and resume outlining the area.
+ translation updates for Spanish and Galician

printoxx 2.0.2
Date Jul 13, 2009

+ changes in library functions, no functional changes
+ translation updates for Spanish and Galician


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    • fotoxx-7.5-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm
    • printoxx-2.0.2-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm


Fotoxx 7.7 e Printoxx 2.0.2 - Porting Status
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