GeoGebraGeoGebra disponibile per Mandriva Linux 2009.1

GeoGebra is dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that joins arithmetic, geometry, algebra and calculus.

Geogebra è un software libero e multi-piattaforma di matematica dinamica per la didattica, che comprende geometria, algebra e analisi.



On the one hand, GeoGebra is an interactive geometry system. You can do constructions with points, vectors, segments, lines, conic sections as well as functions and change them dynamically afterwards.

On the other hand, equations and coordinates can be entered directly. Thus, GeoGebra has the ability to deal with variables for numbers, vectors and points, finds derivatives and integrals of functions and offers commands like Root or Extremum. These two views are characteristic of GeoGebra: an expression in the algebra view corresponds to an object in the graphics view and vice versa.


Geogebra ha ricevuto diversi riconoscimenti internazionali, tra cui i premi per il software educativo Europeo e Tedesco.

Da un lato, GeoGebra è un sistema interattivo di geometria dinamica: è possibile costruire punti, vettori, segmenti, rette, coniche e funzioni, quindi modificarle dinamicamente.

Dall’altro, è possibile inserire direttamente equazioni e coordinate. GeoGebra può gestire contemporaneamente variabili numeriche, vettori e punti, calcolare derivate ed integrali di funzioni, oltre a disporre di comandi come Radice o Estremo.

Questi due punti di vista sono caratteristici di GeoGebra: un’espressione nella finestra algebra corrisponde a un oggetto nella finestra geometria e viceversa.

GeoGebra può essere utilizzato anche per creare fogli di lavoro dinamici.
- Pythagoras
visualizzazione del teorema di Pitagora
- Ladder against the Wall
applicazione del teorema di Pitagora
- Circle and its Equation
relazioni tra centro, raggio ed equazione di una circonferenza
- Slope and Derivative of a Function (3 fogli di lavoro)
relazione tra pendenza, derivata ed estremi locali di una funzione
- Derivative of a Polynomial
esercizio interattivo per il calcolo della derivata di un polinomio di terzo grado
- Upper and Lower Sums of a Function
visualizzazione delle premesse all’integrale di Riemann

Da qui si puo scaricare tutti i fogli di lavoro in un unico file zip
















The changes about this new version are these:

* Bugs fixed since
* cbrt()
* Dynamic Color, red=1.0 was the same as red=0.0
* Tools menu reinstated
* <list> * <list>
* Dynamic color formulas preserved over a redefine
* "Condition to show object" preserved over a redefine
* bug in FunctionVariable which meant many functions were incorrect eg y=x sin(x)
* dynamic colors were causing problems with redefining
* Layer preserved over a redefine
* bug loading applets with LaTeX equations
* unicode symbols and % in LaTeX formulae
* bug exporting PDF/EMF containing LaTeX equation
* text + list (eg {1,2,3} + "")
* algebra view disappearing on file load
* algebra view and Euclidian view the wrong way round when split horizontally
* (FreeHEP) exporting SVG in some locales in some months (accented letters)
* problem with LaTeX font sizes
* New Tools
* Compass (Center point, then segment or two further points)
* Mirror point at circle
* Ellipse by three points (two foci and a point on it)
* Hyperbola by three points (two foci and a point on it)
* Parabola by focus and directrix
* Best fit line tool (y on x regression line)
* New Features
* Captions enabled for all objects
* New option "Force Reflex Angle" forces angles to be between 180 and 360 degrees
* For two points A and B, A/B does complex divison (in 3.0, undocumented)
* Dynamic Worksheets now exported as W3C validated XHTML
* Pressing <Enter> toggles the focus between the Input Bar and the Drawing Pad
* Improvements to the way translation works
* Dynamic colors (Properties -> Advanced tab). Set a function with range [0,1] for each color component (red, green, blue)
* Option for the grid to be bold
* Thumbnail saved in GGB files. (Now we need some volunteers to write a shell plugin for Windows Explorer and the equivalent for MacOS and Linux :)
* Worksheets resized if they were saved on a larger screen
* Isometric grid
* Comparing objects of different types doesn't return an error, can now compare Text and Image objects
* If the Points Export_1 and Export_2 exist, they will be used to define the export rectangle
* Checkbox now consistent across all platforms
* Options->Checkbox Size-> Regular/Large
* Perpendicular check added to "Relation between two objects" Tool
* Messages from "Relation between two objects" Tool rewritten
* Angular Bisector Command and Tool renamed to Angle Bisector
* BMP import (Java 1.5+)
* Unicode fonts used in LaTeX equations
* LaTeX equations exported at full resolution
* in SVG and PDF export, option to export text as editable text or shapes
* support for inline equations in LaTeX eg "if x=9 find $ \sqrt{ x } $"
* Layers
* Layers (advanced tab) - higher numbered layers are drawn on top of lower numbered layers
* Objects are grouped by layer for SVG export.
* Edit -> Select Current Layer (Ctrl-L) added (only available when objects of a single layer are selected)
* JavaScript control of layers - see below
* Clipboard Enhancements
* Image Tool - alt-click now pastes a bitmap from the clipboard
* "Clipboard" button added to "Export->Drawing Pad as Picture" dialog, and "Export" button renamed to "Save"
* Edit->Drawing Pad to Clipboard added (also in File->Export submenu as before)

And more changes that you be able consulting in




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Build: crislosi.


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