Transmission 1.72


Transmission 1.72 per Mandriva 2008.1 e 2009.1









Aggiornamento per fissazione problemi, ed altro:
Transmission 1.72 Released! on 17/06/09

All Platforms

    * Fix 1.70 crash with assertion "tv->tv_usec >= 0"
    * Fix 1.70 crash with assertion "tr_peerIoSupportsFEXT( msgs->peer->io )"
    * Better DHT announce management
    * Fix error in reporting webseed counts via RPC
    * Better file preallocation on embedded systems


    * Fix 1.70 crash when setting options in the Properties dialog
    * Fix a rare crash in desktop notifications
    * Can now sort the file list by priority, download, and completeness
    * Adding a torrent from a browser sometimes didn't work.
    * Various usability improvements






  • Progs
    • transmission-1.72-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm




Transmission 1.72 - Porting Status
Mandriva Architettura
x86_64 i686 noarch
2009.1 Si No No
2008.1 Si Si No


Porting di grissino.

Build: grissino e SynbianFlo.






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