Transmission 1.70 -> 1.71


Transmission 1.70 -> 1.71 per Mandriva 2008.1 e 2009.1


Aggiornamento per fissazione problemi alto uso cpu, ed altro.








Aggiornamento per fissazione problemi alto uso cpu, ed altro:
Transmission 1.71 Released! on 08/06/09

All Platforms

    * Fix 1.70 bug that caused high CPU use in high-peer swarms
    * Fix 1.70 build problems with DHT and libevent


    * Fi watchdir issue on OSes that don't have inotify


    * Fix 1.x70 intltool build problem
    * Fix crash when the OS's stock mime-type icons are misconfigured
    * Handle very long torrent file lists faster

Web Client

    * Fix 1.70 bug where some torrents appeared to be duplicates

Nuove funzioni o fissati alcuni problemi, quali:

Transmission 1.70 Released! on 05/06/09

All Platforms

* Distributed hash table (DHT) support for public torrents
* Add option for moving and finding a torrent's data on the disk
* JSON RPC messages can be ~85% shorter, saving bandwidth and CPU
* When available, use the system's copy of libevent instead of building one
* Automatically pause torrents when verifying
* Fix small bugs and memory leaks


* Holding down the option key on launch will pause all transfers

Web Client

* Big speed improvements, especially with large torrents
* Fix 1.61 bug that broke adding torrents via the web client
* Add the ability to upload multiple torrents at once
* Torrents added by URL were always paused, regardless of preferences
* Comments and announce addresses were cut off in the inspector
* The "data remaining" field wasn't updated when the number reached 0
* Smaller design adjustments


* Fix intltool build problem
* Make it clearer that the status bar's ratio mode button is a button
* Torrent comment box did not scroll, so long comments were partially hidden


* Initial torrent list was sometimes incorrect
* Add-torrent-and-delete-source deleted the source even if there was an error
* Prefs dialog didn't show or modify "Stop seeding torrents at ratio"






  • Progs
    • transmission-1.71-69.1mib2008.1.i686.rpm




Transmission 1.71 - Porting Status
Mandriva Architettura
x86_64 i686 noarch
2009.1 Si No No
2008.1 Si
Si No


Porting di grissino.

Build: grissino e SymbianFlo.




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