KTorrent 3.2.2

KTorrent 3.2.2 per Mandriva 2009.1.


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A new bugfix release is out for the 3.2 series. Several crashes have been fixed, the plasma applet has seen some improvements and can now be placed in the panel, and the configuration dialog can be made small enough to be useful on small screens.

If you are getting a lot of connection to host is broken errors with some trackers, you can now try out the new tracker announce code (to enable go to the advanced settings and make sure "Do not use KIO for tracker announces" is enabled).

Changes in 3.2.2 :
- Fix crash when changing speed limits using system tray menu (188447)
- Fix bug with displaying directory trees in infowidget FileView
- Fix crash caused by calling front on empty QList
- Make sure paths in webseed http requests are URL encoded (189477)
- Prevent torrent from being loaded twice when loading torrents via commandline or external program (190434)
- Fix crash caused by uncaught exception (190317)
- Fix crash caused by sorting list of torrent in QM when the list is being cleared (190759)
- Added patch from amichai which makes the plasma applet a popup applet and which fixes some other things (190822)
- Fix bug causing drag and drop of torrent on to plasma desktop not to work
- Increase numwant to 200 and the maximum number of potential peers to 500
- Cancel all scan dialogs before exiting, this fixes a crash (191487)
- Config dialog now embeds pages in scroll areas, so that the dialog also is useable on small screens
- Make sure dbus names are valid, this fixes an assert (192007)
- Fix crash when parsing DHT packets (190107)
- Remove newlines from path names of files when present in torrent file (192652)
- Properly check for GeoIP system library (193117)
- Fix crash at exit caused by stopping torrent in it's destructor (193585)
- No longer check if a torrent has to have an announce or a nodes key
- Added experimental option which replaces KIO to announce with a QHttp based solution, this fixes connection to host broken errors
- Make sure http post works properly in search plugin (194037)









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Ktorrent-3.2.2 - Porting Status
Mandriva Architettura
x86_64 i686 noarch
2009.1 Si Si No
2009.0 No No No




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