GNOME Color Chooser 0.2.5

imgGNOME Color Chooser 0.2.5 per Mandriva 2009.1 - 2008.1


GNOME Color Chooser 0.2.5 รจ un utility di personalizzazione della visualizzazione del desktop GTK+/GNOME.






Requested rpm: from volapyk user, here the Forum link.


Official website:



GNOME Color Chooser is a GTK+/GNOME desktop appearance customization tool, but is not limited to the GNOME desktop. Unlike applications like Murrine Configurator, this utility does not modify your original themes.


Latest version features:

- change colors (e.g. background, window decoration, tooltips)
- change sizes of widgets (e.g. of buttons, scrollbars or the main padding)
- allow use of bright or dark wallpapers without getting icons or panel text unreadable
- adjust the size of start and panel menues or large toolbars
- colorize desktop icons and activate hover effects (requires GNOME 2.18+)
- configure your gtk engines and let your current theme be drawn by an installed gtk engine of your choice (requires GNOME 2.18+ or engines that support the newly introduced engine schema definitions respectively)
- *new* disable menubar and toolbar shadows (remove the horizontal line beneath those bars and make them flat)





Version 0.2.5

* added possibility to customize GNOME's start menue (requires GNOME 2.24+)
* made profile "compact" compatible with clearlooks 2.16.x
* FIXed a bug that prevents GNOME Color Chooser from applying its settings,
* unlike file->new, the revert button now also removes any changes made to
* new languages: Arabic, English (Canada), Finnish, Norwegian Bokmal,
and Dutch; there are also many other new translations.
100% complete are: de (German), en_CA (English Canada), es (Spanish),
fr (French), he (Hebrew), it (Italian), and sv (Swedish).


Packages list:

arch. i686 (32bit dafault)

arch. x86_64 (64bit default)



Porting: from Dago68
Packaging/Build: Dago68