GShutDown 0.2

imgGShutDown 0.2 per Mandriva 2008.1

GShutdown 0.2 è un avanzato programma di arresto del sistema che permette di pianificare lo spegnimento, il riavvio del computer o il logout della sessione.




Requested rpm: from volapyk user, here the Forum link.


Official website:


GShutdown is an advanced shutdown utility which allows you to schedule the shutdown or the restart of your computer, or logout your actual session.






2007-06-23 Achraf cherti
* Italian translation added (thanks to Andrea Carnaroli).

2007-06-22 Achraf cherti
* Russian translation updated (thanks to Andrew V. Sichevoi).

2007-06-11 Achraf cherti
* Catalan translation updated (thanks to Siegfried Gevatter).

2007-06-10 Achraf cherti
* "Plural-forms:" added in es.po, no.po and ru.po.
* gdm.c call is replaced by gdmflexiserver commad (because we have a
communication problem with this session manager.
* French translation updated
* Portuguese (pt.po) translation updated (thanks to Rolando Pereira).

2007-05-19 Achraf cherti
* ngettext support (plural forms)

2007-05-08 Achraf cherti
* gdm.c updated from gnome-panel 2.18

2007-02-18 Achraf cherti
* all dialogs are shown in the mouse position
* main_window callbacks moved to callback_main_window.c
* all main_window and about_dialog signal connection
uses now the glade_xml_signal_autoconnect().

2007-02-08 Achraf cherti
* Polish translation added (thanks to Kristopher)

2007-02-04 Achraf cherti
* Italian translation updated (Thanks to Andea Carnaroli)

2007-02-02 Achraf cherti
* Serbian patch applied to
* HACKING updated (translation notes)

2007-02-02 Maxime Cheramy
* Serbian translation added (Thanks to Miloš Popović)

2007-02-01 Achraf cherti
* ngettext is used with plural form in on_btn_notification_date_close()
and in gui_set_notification_date()

Packages list:

arch. i686 (32bit dafault)

arch. x86_64 (64bit default)

Porting: from Dago68 
Packaging/Build: Dago68


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