Chess4Skype 0.3alpha

imgChess4skype 0.3alpha per Mandriva 2009.1 - 2008.1


Chess4skype 0.3alpha è un gioco di scacchi che puoi giocare via Skype con i tuoi amici.






Official website:


Description: A game of chess that you can play over Skype with your friends.


Latest version features:

--- timed games available
--- small chatwindow
--- Czech translation (others
are possible, but someone else
would have to provide them)
--- automatic rules checking

Missing (but planned):

--- cannot currently watch other people play
--- captured pieces are not shown
(so you either have to remember or look at the board)
--- cannot load/save games (hopefully in the final 0.3 version)
--- theming (if enough people ask) 







!!! Incompatible with previous versions !!!

--- fixed the delay between starting the clock and the time when the
board is ready for play
--- non-latin characters in the chatbox are displayed correctly
--- black pieces have a white border around them so that they are easily
seen on black squares

--- windows version displays skypeoffline messages twice
--- on windows, the client tends to disconnect from skype on the first run (should be much better later). When this happens, please use reconnect to skype through the skype menu
--- when the connection to skype is lost (e.g. the other person is temporarily offline, skype quits, etc.) all running games are paused. Currently there is no means to resume them if the connection comes up again
--- other minor ones: see the STATUS file


Packages list:

arch. i686 (32bit dafault)

arch. x86_64 (64bit default)


Porting: from Dago68 
Packaging/Build: Dago68


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