Xt7-Player 0.9.13

Xt7-Player 0.9.13 per Mandriva 2009.1- 2008.1 - 2009.0

Xt7-Player è un’interfaccia grafica a mplayer scritto in gambas.
I punti di forza sono la sua velocità, potenza e semplicità.





Sito di riferimento:


Direi che fa sempre piacere citare un ideatore e programmatore italiano in questo caso:
Antonio Orefice.


-Kde 3.x

-Gambas 2.6 libraries

—(Best with mplayer-svn >=1.0_rc2_p27120-r1)
—[compiled with enca support for subtitle charset autoguess]

-audiotag (mandatory only if you want flac tags)

-xbindkeys (mandatory only if you want to use global hotkeys)




What’s new in Xt7-Player 0.9.13

* Mon May 25 2009
- FIX: Bug which prevented to set and display a cover on flac files.
- FIX: Fullscreen switch sometimes didn't correctly arrange the controls.

Fri May 15 2009
- NEW: es_ES translation (thanks to i92guboj)
- FIX: Center windows to be "multi-head"(twinview,xinerama) friendly
- FIX: Some beryl/compiz workarounds.
- FIX: Critical fix in pt_BR translation (esd audio driver)
- FIX: better .desktop file (thanks wackenroader)
- FIX: missed runtime error handling on dvd play routine
- CHANGE: few fixes to gui
- NEW: Multiple tag editing capabilities
- FIX: Workarounded an mplayer bug in sub_load slave cmd (spaces in filenames)
- NEW: Resizable upper panel (playlist etc) in fullscreen mode
- NEW: Import/Export .xpl .m3u,and .pls playlists, export with absolute paths only.
- NEW: Dragging and droppping supported playlist files in library or playlist will append them
- FIX: Dropdown and popup menus reorganization
- FIX: Follow sym links
- FIX: SpeedUp the library sync process.
- FIX: correct icon for wmv files
- FIX: Workarounded mplayer bug with dots/commas when using ladspa filters
- NEW: Cover fetcher via amazon services or file on disk
- NEW: Show cover and info when playing an audio file
- FIX: Runtime error "access denied" on library sync


RPM list:

Mandriva  2009.1 32 bit ( i686)


Mandriva  2009.1 64 bit  ( x86_64)


Mandriva 2009.0  32 e 64 bit ( noarch)


Mandriva 2008.1 32 e 64 bit ( noarch)


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Porting: Dago68
Dago68, NicCo, SymbiaFlo


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